Something magical happens when you bring small groups of people together around a common topic, goal or challenge. There is a collective energy, an instant bond and unmatched level of support that is created by the groups synergy. People push past their goals, overcome obstacles and generate ideas that they might not be able to get to (or atleast as fast) if they were on their own.

Whether its bringing people together around their health goals such as in my Clean Eating Support Groups, or broader life skills, self-care and empowerment-focused groups such as Life Cleanse or The Empowerment Circle (or E-Circle), there is one thing I know for sure; two heads are better, more efficient, effective, loving and more knowledgeable, than one.

Here’s how you can get in on the action whether you’re joining in as an NYC-er/Brooklynite or virtually:


A live monthly support group that is focused on clean eating, nutrition, natural weight loss, disease prevention, eating for energy, and healthy cooking. This group meets at Whole Foods Market Brooklyn once per month and is designed to bring together a clean eating community locally and provide support and education around eating for health. More info here.



A virtual monthly support group that provides support, accountability, information and resources on clean eating, healthy cooking, eating for energy, natural weight loss and navigating the food stores, markets and eating on-the-go.

More information, coming soon!

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LIFE CLEANSE: more info coming soon




A multi-level, game changing, life skills workshop in NYC and virtual for people who want to live a more empowered life. Focus is on setting clear boundaries, breaking through limiting beliefs, redefining life on your own terms, living in integrity and setting goals that are aligned with your true self you can actually achieve.  Check back for upcoming dates.

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