Motivational Speaking Workshop For College Students:
It’s tough and there! More and more college students are feeling discouraged, deflated and generally overwhelmed by the opportunity of finding a job after college and attaining the success they know they deserve. It is DeAnna’s mission to bring the hope and motivation back into the equation with “Give Me a Break”
, a powerful and inspirational workshop style seminar for college students.

Since DeAnna sat in their shoes not too long ago, she knows how to relate to the college demographic with her dynamic personality and lose-the-excuses approach. In this workshop, DeAnna will visit your school, speak your language and help students draw upon real-life examples to break through the barriers that stand between them and taking action towards the type of success they want. By first defining success, and then, using a step-by-step approach, re-build the process in an action-oriented, specific and meaningful way. At the end of the workshop, students will leave inspired and prepared, with a tangible blueprint, to achieve a specific personal goal during and post their college experience.

Are you in need of some inspiration, success tools and game-changing success strategies? Bring the “Give Me A Break” workshop to your campus! For more information contact or fill out the contact form.

THE EMPOWERMENT CIRCLE: Multi-level, game changing, life skills workshop in NYC for people who want to live a more empowered life.

April 2011: Guest on SocialBuzz On Air! online radio show. Uncensored discussion about how to leverage social media for your growing business and serve your clients! LISTEN to the archived show by clicking the options under the show image

April 2011: University of Rhode Island’s Public Relation’s Society presents Going the Distance; Speaking and Panel Discussion

Past Events

Feb 2011 – Ongoing - The Empowerment Circle: 12 Week Life Skills Workshop: New York City, New York.

May2010- “Whip  your career into shape with CAREER BOOTCAMP”

May 2010 - “Life Design & Success Skills Group” for Teens & Young Adults

May 2010 – “PRomote Yourself: PR that will get your hired!” for Career Changers & Job Seekers