See what DeAnna’s client are saying:

Bryan O’Connell
​"​DeAnna is a huge part of the success I have had in my life. Her expert guidance helped me zone in and focus on the goals I had set forth for myself. This lead to me getting into one of the best graduate programs in the country and accelerating my career. Once I had graduated and found myself landing my dream job, DeAnna helped me realign and figure out what the next steps for my career would be, while also giving me the tools to create a proper work/life balance.  Without her help, I would not be where I am today."​
Bryan O’Connell, Manhattan, New York

Courtney Titus

"DeAnna is great at what she does, she's very professional, organized and knowledgeable. She helped me gain the confidence I needed to move forward with my business, Why Not Wellness. Over a 2 month period I partnered with Whole Foods hosting workshop once a month, clarified and defined my target market and believe more in my why than ever before. I can't wait to help more cancer survivors cure themselves through balance, whole foods and a spiritual connection!
Thank you DeAnna!"

Courtney Titus, Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer,

Ali Pinckney

"DeAnna not only inspired me to enroll at Institute for Integrative Nutrition over a year ago, but has supported & encouraged me to take action now that I’m starting my very own wellness business as a Certified Holistic Health Coach! It is an honor and a privilege to work with someone as refreshingly awesome as DeAnna! As I’ve been told many times, “Every great coach needs a great coach!”

Ali Pinckney, Certified Holistic Health Coach,

Amanda Sabater

“Working with DeAnna has been a wonderful experience. I went into our work with the sole focus of nutrition, but with her help quickly realized that in order to focus on nutrition I first needed to understand blocks in other areas of my life. She helped me really tackle the aspects of my life that I was simply tolerating instead of enjoying! Before my work with DeAnna I was holding on to so many limiting beliefs that I have since let go of. 

Through our work together I feel lighter emotionally, physically and spiritually.

She gives you the tools to truly construct the life you've imagined and find incredible joy through creating balance and harmony in all aspects of your life. I’m so grateful for our time together."

Amanda Sabater, Entrepreneur and Film Maker, New York City, Next Round Productions

Noa Green

“Working with DeAnna has been nothing beyond life changing. I had never used life coaching services and wasn't 100% sure how it would help my life.Little did I know how my life transformed once I started working with DeAnna. Through her coaching I have been able to reclaim balance in my life, ignite a dedication to nutrition, and jump-start my business into its most profitable year ever. Amongst my one year goals that I mentioned to her a year ago was the dream of opening my own studio. At the time it seemed an unattainable dream. That is, until I opened a studio three months ago.

DeAnna helps you find the tools and time to achieve your best life. She did that for me and I will eternally be grateful. “

Noa Green , Photographer,


Jessica Mitchell

"I attended a Vision Board workshop with DeAnna in September and started seeing changes in my life right away.  DeAnna's welcoming and inspiring approach to coaching helped me to focus my energy on things that I really wanted, not things that I "should" want.  My vision board reflected wanting to do more traveling and "wandering" and so far in 2014, I've traveled to one new place each month, including a spontaneous trip to Spain in March!  After putting my desires out there on my vision board, suddenly the time off, airfare deals, and travel buddies were made available to me!  Thanks to DeAnna for her encouraging presence and thoughtful guidance!  "

Jessica Mitchell


Sebastian Rusk

“DeAnna's work ethic and discipline are second to none. Her integrity shows through her work and her charming personality is uniquely hers. DeAnna's desire to want to help others improve their daily life, shows exactly what type of person she is and through that desire, she has created a lucrative business. I'm proud to say that I'm associated with DeAnna and If you've made a decision to do business with DeAnna, it could very well be one of your best moves yet!

Sebastian Rusk , CEO/Founder, Social Buzz TV


Olivia Merchant

"In my line of work it is imperative that I work with a great deal of coaches and be up-to-date on the latest practices in the field of self-development and personal empowerment. Frankly, the more years I put in, the rarer an occasion it is that I find myself stumbling upon tools that are both effective and refreshing.  Then enters DeAnna; a coach who not only cares tremendously about her clients but is also committed to leading them in new and exciting ways. She isn't afraid to be innovative and this is just one of the reasons why I believe she's worth keeping tabs on. Should you have the opportunity to work with her, by all means necessary - TAKE IT!!"

Olivia Merchant, Life Designer & Owner, Olivia Merchant Mgmt



Justin Messina

"DeAnna showed an amazing ability to care about me as my life coach even when we were just acquaintances. She was a catalyst for the first step in my journey towards transforming my career direction, social circles and lifestyle habits. This helped me gain the clarity that I had been in a degenerative lifestyle for many years. DeAnna holds a special place in my heart, now many years later, for her willingness and ability to be a great advocate and supporter of significant positive change."

Justin Messina, Health & Lifestyle Coach, VisionFit Movement Co-Founder,


Ashley Ann Pagano

"I have worked with DeAnna on and off for years now, and she has always been there for me as a support system. Hearing her outside perspective always helps me to see my life from a new angle. Through DeAnna's guidance I will continue to focus on my career, my health, and my relationships- all while taking care of myself first! I am very grateful for DeAnna and the tools she has given me to lead a more balanced and fulfilled life."

Ashley Ann Pagano, Astoria, New York


Crystal Akbari

"DeAnna with Create your Great Life does exactly that; helps you create the greatest life that YOU want. She helped me gain awareness of my own happiness and provided the necessary tools for embarking on this quest for success.  Because of her expertise and support I am not only creating my very own healthy lifestyle but also pursuing exciting new career endeavors."

Crystal Akbari, Brooklyn, New York


Erica Llorico

"I love having DeAnna as my Life Coach. From my weekly goals to my bigger aspirations, DeAnna has worked with me for the past few months to help me work towards what I truly want for myself. She never fails to inspire me to take action towards the life that I have planned and want to live - I would probably still be at square one if I hadn't committed myself to working with her. Since I am all the way in New Zealand, it's great that DeAnna works internationally through Skype and email which is handy for me and makes me fond of her service. Personally, since working with DeAnna I now understand that having a life coach is beneficial if you want to start taking action towards your dreams and if you want your thoughts + intentions + actions to all be aligned. I wanted to achieve all these things and DeAnna is the positive force in my life helping me to do so. "

Erica Llorico, Lifestyle Blogger, Wellington, New Zealand


Jenna Rota

“DeAnna has guided me in achieving my own goals and offering her support, advice, and wisdom. Her creativity, passion, and enthusiasm shines in all that she does.”

Jenna Rota, Student, Univ. of Rhode Island


Geada Ford

"DeAnna has impacted my life in so many ways from personal one-on-one coaching to being apart of the Empowerment Circle. I had read a lot of self help books and attended tons of seminars but only with DeAnna's help was I able to truly find my passion, own it and take action on it. Not only has she transformed my life but she has and continues to change the lives of everyone she interacts with. That is pretty powerful. "

Geada Ford, Creative Director, Los Angeles,


Michelle D

"I decided to seek out a life coach because after reading several books and listening to lectures on self-improvement I came to realize that while I was gaining tons of knowledge on the subject, I wasn't putting enough of it into practice in order to really grow.  It was a combination of a lack of knowing how exactly to apply certain principles to my life, as well as a lack of being accountable to actually make any changes.  After working with DeAnna and performing simple, yet brilliant activities I have begun making significant strides in areas where I used to feel very stuck. For example, when I first started working with DeAnna a few months ago I mentioned I wanted to teach yoga, but in reality I had never used my yoga certification to teach. Ever. DeAnna guided me through the process of taking small, practical steps towards making this goal a reality and more importantly helped me overcome the feeling that this was impossible. I am happy to say that I  will be teaching my first group class next week! In the few months that I have worked with DeAnna to tackle different areas of my life, I have noticed significant and wonderful changes to my overall well being. She's awesome. "

Michelle D, Yoga Teacher, New York City, NY