One-on-One Coaching

I believe in people. I also know that “not unhappy” does not equal “happy,” and that making that distinction can be absolutely life changing. More so, I am confident that there are ways to get out of that “stuck” feeling with the right awareness, actions and accountability.

As a coach, I’m passionate about partnering with people to create awareness in their life. Standing on the ground that “awareness is a precursor to change,” we will create game-changing awareness through discovery conversations and then a strategic plan for taking targeted result-driven actions.

In groups and a one-on-one setting, I support proactive people to determine their challenges, opportunities and goals. In all cases, targeted, ongoing conversations help identify obstacles to growth and success, and empower clients to overcome them.

My mission is that my clients feel supported to create their lives in a fulfilling, confident and radiant way.

I only work with clients who are ready to take an honest look at their life and goals. My lose-the-excuses approach to accountability helps move clients forward, and is what many people say is their favorite part about working with me. I am committed to you and your goals and I’m ready to hold you accountable to what you say and do.

As a result of coaching many clients experience a relieved, happier and empowered feeling in their lives and see changes such as healthier lifestyle, positive shifts in relationships, more clarity, work life balance, conflict resolution skills, a life of integrity, more organized lifestyle conducive for taking action and a plan for financial freedom.

If you’re not sure if you’re ready yet, not to worry. I offer a complimentary coaching call so that you can determine if coaching with me is right for you at this time. Just go to the contact page and send me an email to get started!