Clean Eating Support Group

Clean Eating Support Group

Have you ever struggled with

      • knowing how to decode nutrition labels or navigating the many, many “healthy” options at the food store?
      • deciphering between diet trends… gluten-free? paleo? vegan?
      • knowing how to get the most bang for your buck at the food store?
      • losing unwanted weight or fluctuations in your weight and energy level?
      • breakouts, fatigues, sluggishness, trouble sleeping, bad headaches or constant bloating feeling?
      • having the confidence to make healthy choices at restaurants, around the holidays or while traveling?
      • looking in the mirror and feeling energized by what you see and confident in your own skin?
      • constantly yo-yo dieting; one day you’re “good” and then next you’re head first into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s?
      • have trouble finding a way to explain your “new lifestyle” to your friends and family?


Any of the above sound like you?

Or maybe you’re a new vegan, or newly off sugar, caffeine, soy, dairy, or gluten. Changes in our diet and lifestyle, however big or small, can be overwhelming. Many of us struggle to make these changes a lasting and sustainable lifestyle. I know, because I’ve been in your shoes.

That is why I created the Clean Eating Support Group – an on-going once monthly group that meets to discuss challenges, solutions, tips, recipes, information and support around your diet and lifestyle goals.

You’re Invited!


When you join this awesome community you gain…

      • insight into the world of clean eating
      • monthly support around your health goals
      • accountability around your health goals to help you stay on track
      • tons of articles and clean eating approve recipes
      • dynamic monthly conversations around health myths, answers to your burning health questions, discussions around health trends, creative solutions to your challenges around healthy cooking, food shopping, eating well on the go, natural weight loss, alleviating unwanted symptoms, understanding ingredients, and more
      • deals and discounts from awesome wellness sponsors
      • a vibrant community of like-minded wellness warriors who care about eating healthy and living well
      • and much more!

We have a lot of fun!

See for yourself, this Spring we held a juice cleanse tasting! Who doesn’t want to taste it before you buy it?

Clean Eating Group

We also did a hummus tasting! image

and a popcorn tasting…

earth balance


A few ways to join in on the fun…

♥ Clean Eating Support Group/ BROOKLYN: An in-person group for NYC-area wellness warriors, more details here: Brooklyn Meetup

♥ Clean Eating Support Group / VIRTUAL: A virtual group that meets on Google Hangout monthly, more details to come.

♥ Join the free Clean Eating Support Facebook Group for extra info, support + delicious recipes.

 Follow the Clean Eating Support Group Pinterest board for even more recipe inspiration:

Cleab Eatng Support Group Pinterest

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