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Jessica Mitchell

May 27th, 2014 | Comments Off

“I attended a Vision Board workshop with DeAnna in September and started seeing changes in my life right away.  DeAnna’s welcoming and inspiring approach to coaching helped me to focus my energy on things that I really wanted, not things that I “should” want.  My vision board reflected wanting to do more traveling and “wandering” and so far in 2014, I’ve traveled to one new place each month, including a spontaneous trip to Spain in March!  After putting my desires out there on my vision board, suddenly the time off, airfare deals, and travel buddies were made available to me!  Thanks to DeAnna for her encouraging presence and thoughtful guidance!  “



DeAnna Lynn Englezos is a Brooklyn-based Certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach. Her core mission is to share accessible information on health and happiness that actually works and healthy recipes that taste great. DeAnna is the proud owner of an adorable rescue pup named Harlow and posts pictures of her often.
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