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Hello, Third Trimester! PREGNANCY UPDATE {Weeks 23 – 28}

December 6th, 2016 | no comments

Hi friends,

So…I’ve officially entered the THIRD trimester! WHAT THE WHAT? Time is truly flying and so many things happened this month that I want to fill you in on. I feel like from the 6 MONTH mark to the 7 MONTH mark there has been a huge change physically and emotionally in this pregnancy. I can feel an emotional shift taking place and between the belly POPPIN’ and lots of baby girl movements, the whole thing is more REAL. Do you know what I mean?

We’re bumpin’ and rollin’ now… 7 MONTHS!


As each day passes I learn more, feel more and connect more with this entire experience. Each day also brings me one step closer to meeting our baby girl and that is still a surreal feeling. I don’t know that you get used to that…

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to the past few weeks…let’s journey back. Just to warn you ahead of time, this is a LONG post. :) 

Week 22 we were hot off our GENDER REVEAL and emotions were high. It was such an amazing experience to learn our baby’s gender – G.I.R.L – in front of some of our closest family and friends. What a special moment, full post here in case you missed it.


That very next weekend, week 23, we went up to the Hudson Valley, NY, for a weekend in the woods full of hiking, cozy fires and good friends. It has become our fall tradition to do a weekend away with friends and it was so nice to get out of the concrete jungle for a few days in the fresh air.

My favorite part was cozying up by the fireplace…is there anything better?


We also ordered some more baby books  and I have since DEVOURED them The Sleep Solution, The Happiest Baby on the Block and Natural Childbirth The Bradley Way, as well as watched the very informative documentary, The Business of Being Born. Regardless of your birth preferences or plan it can be helpful and comforting to learn about others experiences…at least it is for me so I have been a sponge for information and stories lately. I also enjoy watching positive birth stories on YouTube (a sentence I NEVER thought I would say!!!). I’m learning that there is this phenomenon that happens when you’re pregnant where people want to tell you horrific birth stories so it can be helpful to immerse yourself in positive and empowering information to combat those NON-HELPFUL, SCARY and OVERWHELMING stories that people like to tell. 


This week, the weather started to change and I could feel the changes in my body…with more aches, sore throat and extra tired. Baby girl  is moving A TON, all day and all night especially after meals or right when I lay down to bed. People have started to feel kicks through my belly, SO STRANGE(!!) but beautiful and a fun way to connect others with the pregnancy, especially Karl. I love sharing this part, and these little reassuring kicks make all the difference to an over-thinker like me. Can you relate?

Me and my beautiful mom celebrating Lisa + Ian in Montauk!


Week 24 flew by as I prepared to spend the weekend in Montauk for my very best friend’s wedding. I’m not going to sugar coat it…this was the first time I had to “dress” the bump and it was really overwhelming. With a surge of hormones, starting to feel a bit swollen and just generally not being used to my current size, I had a tough time feeling “good” getting dressed for the weekend. What saved me was OPTIONS and excercise to balance my hormones as well as self-care. I increased my water consumption and added in hydrating foods such as fruit and celery to help combat the swelling. I had to remind myself a few times that GROWING is not only normal and necessary but beautiful and that there is a sweet angel inside of me of needs me to feel well both mentally and physically – this shift in perspective has helped! Most importantly, the wedding was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and my bestie got to marry her bestie and it was so special to be a part of it. 

6 MONTH BUMP on the dance floor!


Going into week 25 I noticed a lot of skin breakouts on my chin and forehead – THANK YOU HORMONES. Even though the breakouts are likely caused by surges in hormones I took extra care in eating clean, drinking lots of water and making sure to disinfect my make-up brushes (I always notice breakouts when I don’t clean my make-up brushes often). After two weekends away and being 6.5 months pregnant I noticed that my body was craving SLEEP and SELF-CARE for which I turned to lavender epsom salt baths and early nights. During pregnancy I’ve noticed that my bounce back time takes a bit longer, so I really need to build in rest and self-care after long weekends or strenuous weeks. Anyone else?


This week I also attended the BIG CITY MOM’s Biggest Baby Shower in NYC courtesy of my friend Katie (thank you!!) and it was such a fun experience. I got to try out all of the items I had picked out for our registry and hear Dr. Harvey Karp lecture on the 5 S’s — sooo enlightening! I also left with MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE in samples that will definitely go to good use. 



Week 26 was a bit challenging as my routine 1-hour glucose test came back abnormal (which I hear is pretty common). I was sent back for the much longer and more intense 3-hour test…to which I PASSED with flying colors… but this was a challenging week for me. I’m not good with needles, I don’t generally jive with medical settings and ingesting glucose 2x in one week was awful. It taught me many lessons in surrendering, trusting the process and believing in my body. I was so glad when we finally got the results call – ALL GOOD – and I was ready to fully move on!



 My Mantra: Everything is worth it for a healthy baby!


Week 27 we flew out to San Francisco to spend Thanksgiving with Karl’s family and our 4-month old nephew who I could just EAT UP, he’s so sweet! My brother flew up from LA and it was really nice to spend the holiday with everyone especially as my last official trip before baby. Being around our nephew got us into BABY MODE and it really has us feeling (more) ready and SO excited for what’s to come. We also soaked up alllllll the baby knowledge from everyone which was great since Karl’s brother and a few cousins had recently been through the experience!

Practicing “swaddling” on Harlow girl…she wasn’t amused LOL!


Other than that…

Workouts: 1x a week Soulcycle class, 2x a week cardio with strength training (usually treadmill) and trying for 1x a week PureBarre or prenatal yoga. My focus in the coming weeks will be to incorporate more prenatal yoga!

Cravings: Lots of fruit and greens and hearty root vegetables like sweet potatoes. I guess these are good cravings to have! 

Sleep: Still a big challenge but adding in more of a nighttime ritual such as reading some of the baby books, a lavender infused bath and an Expectful meditation is helping. And, lots and LOTS of pillows!

Skin finally clearing up!


Oh, and we’ve started to pick out names! How do people do this?! Such a fun process but overwhelming and hormones do not make it an easier process. We’ve had a shortlist for a while and one that seems to keep emerging as a frontrunner that we love but we aren’t 100% settled yet. What do you think about this? What helped you pick out a name? 

We’ve also started planning our baby shower and finally finished up our registry… two activities that make this process even MORE real, considering that some of our baby gear has started to arrive! Picking out a registry was hard but ultimately we went with BuyBuy Baby, and Pottery Barn Kids. I’d love to know if there were any MUST-HAVES on your list that we’re missing!

Ahhh… no wonder I can feel SO much movement… an EGGPLANT?!


That brings us to MONTH 7…well into my 28th week of pregnancy..WOW! This month I am focused on decluttering and getting the apartment ready for baby. I guess they call this NESTING!? :)

As always, thanks for being apart of my journey. I love sharing these details with you and bringing you into the process. Can’t believe we are in the “home stretch” already. Xx, D. 

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