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Big News: We’re Expecting!! {Pregnancy Update Weeks 1 – 18}

September 27th, 2016 | 2 comments
That’s right. We’re expecting! 


I wanted to share what I’ve been up to these last few months as I’ve been a bit quieter on the blog. Well, there’s good reason and I hope you agree…we’ve got a baby on the way! A lot of people have been asking me the same questions as the word is getting out, so I thought I’d share some of my experiences these last few weeks and months in a little pregnancy update. 

Karl and I have talked about starting a family for years. It was one of the first things that we connected over. So when I started to feel queasy back in June, and we found of the reason…our first reaction was excitement (and a bit of shock too). Isn’t it always a bit shocking? It’s such a life changing event. In that one instant, our world has changed forever. :)


We took the next week or so to process this “news” to ourselves and enjoy those first few days…researching, asking questions, contemplating every move and meal…like I’m sure other new moms-to-be have experienced. Overall, we felt joyful about this new experience and in a way…ready. Since day one of us finding out, we felt like this was perfect timing…and a week before my birthday no less!

It was the best birthday gift I could have ever received… ♥


A week later we shared the news with my family, and then Karl’s and everyone’s reactions were love, joy and support. Unfortunately, right around that time is when I got hit with bad morning sickness and exhaustion (around Weeks 5 and 6). The morning sickness lasted up until about Week 14- ahhh! That was pretty tough but I took comfort in words from family friends “sick mama, healthy baby!” And, healthy baby is all I care about these days – I would do anything for this little peanut already. ♥ I survived on lots and lots of toast, crackers and sometimes pizza in the first trimester and went to bed super early – 7pm or 8pm was my norm – growing a baby takes it out of you! 

 Week 13 Ultrasound!img_2096

Hearing the heartbeat for the first time around Week 10 was the most surreal experience of my life. At a healthy 170+ bpm, I’ve never heard a sound so amazing and beautiful. I could have listened for HOURS. There was an instant calm that washed over me hearing the heartbeat. I still feel a bit anxious in those moments leading up to the hearing the baby’s heartbeat at my monthly prenatal visits but once I hear it, its the happiest most joyful sound and an instant calm and peace washes over me. Can you relate?? It’s truly my favorite part of all of this! ♥♥♥

I don’t think any new mama-to-be will ever forget the ultrasound where the baby starts to look more like a baby (and less like a little blob on the screen!). Our angel measured a bit small for the first trimester screening at Week 12, perfectly healthy but needing to grow a tad more before doing all of the routine tests, so we got to see the baby at Week 12 and again at Week 13 – arms and legs flailing about,  and healthy as can be. Another big relief! 


Somewhere between Week 14 and Week 15, I started to “turn the corner” on the nausea. I know this because little by little I started to get my appetite back – craving fruits and vegetables and lots of water-y foods like watermelon and celery. Hello, hydration! 


And then the most thoughtful package arrived at my door! Look at how adorable this gift is – a Bump Box – that my sweet friend Jamie sent me to ring in my second trimester! All of the second trimester goodies a gal could ask for! This company is soo cute and they have adorable subscription boxes for each month of your pregnancy journey or larger milestone boxes like the one I received. More info on Bump Box — here


Aside from the morning sickness, my other symptoms have been afternoon headaches, exhaustion and some minor aches. Nothing too bad and for the most part I have my energy up again. I haven’t really been getting any specific cravings but it seems like with food I either want it badly or strongly dislike it (at the moment) and that could change again the next day – haha! Around Weeks 15 and 16 I started to pick-up big salads for lunch and reach for fruit more. I still don’t want anything too flavorful for any meal and I think I’m leaning towards saltier foods rather than sweet. 

Spreading the news…

We announced our exciting news to our family and friends at around Week 16 with little personal postcards, and then announced on social media at Week 17. I’m really glad we waited for the social media reveal until all of our loved ones received the postcards — it was super special to have everyone react and share in our joy “offline” before we took the news “public” on Facebook. I recommend it! Sharing this news was every bit as exciting as it was nerve wracking and vulnerable, to be so personal with something that we’ve kept so intimate and close for months, but the response has been overwhelmingly loving and supportive. We feel so gratefulto be bringing our baby into the world with so much love around.  Big thank you to Amy over at Cozy Square Design Studio — for our custom postcard announcements! 


I’m halfway through Week 18 and overall I am feeling really good. We are starting to get our registry together, which has been fun but a little overwhelming. I can’t believe how much STUFF exists for babies! {More on this later!}

I’ve started to pick back up on an exercise regime again (making a lot of adjustments, doubling my water intake and taking more breaks) and that has felt really great on my changing body. Some light cardio a few times a week like walks or jogs, Pure Barre classes for toning and 1x a week Soulcycle (I can’t give it up just yet!). So overall my energy is up and I feel good getting a sweat in. I still feel pretty tired at night and go to sleep early (and I’m up a few times during the night). Sleeping it getting a bit more uncomfortable, I think I’ll look for a pregnancy sleep pillow soon — taking all suggestions! 


For the most part now that I’m not feeling so sick, I’m starting to get more excited and really enjoy this amazing experience. I love following the apps Ovia, The Bump and What to Expect for weekly updates and learning about what’s going on with the baby each week and what size the baby is – I love that part! I’ve tried to not become a Google-maniac and trust that my body knows what to do and I’m really enjoying the changes. 

We feel immensely blessed to be having this experience and I hope to keep you guys updated more along the way! I’m going to try to look for some pregnancy blog tags too. If you’re not interested in this stuff, that’s OK too, I promise to keep the recipes and wellness tips posts coming now that I have more energy! I made a recipe for a Butternut Squash, Black Bean and Lentil Chili that was so delicious – I can’t wait to share that one with you! 

 We’ll find out the gender in a few weeks and I will definitely share more news with you along the way. I am going to follow this post later this week with some of my current pregnancy essentials, foods for pregnancy, my prenatal vitamin and some of the gear and clothing that has helped! 

All for now. Hope you enjoyed this update! 

Any other pregnant mamas in the GreatLife community??

Tweet me @DeeLynn or follow along on  Instagram @DeeLynn78 – I’d love to hear about your journey too! 

Xo, D



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