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How to Preserve and Store Avocado

July 15th, 2015 | no comments

Avo sal

Yes, you read that right: 5 avocados for 99 cents

Okay, so that is the best deal I’ve ever seen on avocados in my life. In December during my vacation in San Francisco we drove down Highway 1 to Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz, CA. Along the way we made several pit stops at all of the local farmer’s markets that were right off the Pacific Coast Highway. Not only were the markets overflowing with abundant and gorgeous produce but I spotted the BEST.DEAL.AROUND, 5 avocados for 99 cents?! That is CRAZY PANTS if you ask me, as in NYC they can be approximately $4 each and they likely aren’t as fresh or ripe, definitely not local since they need tons of sun to grow.  

However, avocados remain one of my absolute favorite foods and a giant staple in my kitchen all year long. The avocados we get here in New York typically hail from Mexico and therefore can be a bit pricey. That is because they have to be transported up to our markets usually by plane, train or truck.

“Avos” – as I often refer to them – contain so much  of the good stuff when it comes to health like monounsaturated fat (aka “the good kind of fat”), fiber and tons of vitamins and minerals such as Folate, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. They are little fleshy balls of health and extremely versatile in the flavor department so I use them in tons of recipes from breakfast, dinner, dessert and even salad dressings like my Vegan Avocado Ranch Dressing. They’re also great for keeping your hair and skin healthy, shiny and moisturized so I love to whip up DIY cosmetics with Avo as the star ingredient. If you end up with an overripe Avo just use it in my homemade Avocado Honey Hair Mask. Clearly, Avocados are one of the non-local foods that I live for. 

Don’t feel any pressure to eat the whole avocado at one time…but by all means DO if you’d like.

 Now, let’s talking about STORING these delicious green gems since most of us aren’t using an entire avocado each time we reach for that little dark green fruit. A lot of my clients complain about them going brown or getting too ripe before using. Depending on my mood I use 1/4, 1/2 or even a whole avocado at any given time. Lock in freshness and keep from browning by using this TIP! 

Avocado Tip


  1. Keep the pit IN on the side that you plan to save.
  2. Take 1/2 lemon and rub over the avocado flesh (any form of lemon juice will work). 
  3. Store in an airtight glass container in the fridge. 

NOTE: Use these steps on how to store avocado with any “new” exposed flesh as you make your way through the Avo and enjoy as much or as little avocado at a time as you’d like. Remember to keep the pit IN even if you only have 1/4 of an Avo left.


Hope this helps keep your avocados fresher longer and have you enjoying every last bit of this power-packed gem! Leave a comment below if this tip was helpful or if you have any stubborn produce you’d like to see a HOW TO on. 




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