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How I #LOVEMYSELF to Combat Self-Doubt

August 25th, 2015 | no comments

Today I wanted to write about something a little more personal.

This topic seemed like a theme this week and kept coming up among conversations with clients, friends, fellow bloggers and just little signs everywhere. When you open yourself up to listening, what you hear may surprise you.

This topic is SELF LOVE and being on TEAM YOU.

With my coaching clients and a health coach that I mentor, this topic was the common thread and I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you. I really saw this topic reflecting in my own life and as a coach, that happens a lot. A client, or mentee, or even a friend will be dealing with a challenging topic and I will see glimpses of the same challenge reflected in my own life, so I felt that there was a teachable or shareable moment here.

To make it in life, love and business, you really need to be your own cheerleader. I truly believe that. 

This can be hard to do at times, especially if the levels are turned up on your “inner mean girl/guy,” or if you’re constantly judging yourself or second-guessing your decisions. This also comes into play when you feel disconnected from your WHY, your GREAT PURPOSE and your VISION. 

Whenever I feel disconnected from “my why” – the reason I am here, the reason I love to do what I do, the reasons I share my life with you – that’s when the fear, worry and comparison come in. It can be stifling and really keep me stuck from the things I want, feelings I want to cultivate, people or opportunities I want to create, you name it. 

I see this in my own life and with my clients when it comes to cultivating romantic love, a prosperous business, a healthy body and mind, and even just feeling good waking up and being yourself authentically from sun up to sun down. 

Here are a few ways I love myself when I’m feeling disconnected or I step off the “me train” for a few minutes or days…

Get Clear on Your Why – I reconnect with my why through the creation of a new VISION BOARD, be it on Pinterest or the physical creation of an inspiration board. I let my mind get creative and free and let my heart speak through words and pictures. This never fails. Journaling my thoughts, feelings, desires, even fears, worries and doubts immediately after helps spur the vision into action and affirmation.

Color – Just today I posted a picture on Instagram of one of my favorite de-stress activities which is to color. Coloring helps stimulate creativity and actually helps you feel calm and balanced. A few of my favorite coloring books are here and here.


Music – This song kept popping into my life at moments when I needed it this week. It is an awesome pump-up anthem for LOVING YOURSELF. Turn up the volume and press play. Impromptu dance parties encouraged! But really, this one is all about letting loose and getting out of your own way a little bit. Dancing around to a pump-up song really helps you feel unstuck, have a little fun and helps you shift your mentality from that of judgement to one that is light and free. #LOVEMYSELF

Mantras – I came across this video today by one of my favorite inspirational health and wellness gurus, Kris Carr, and it came in at the perfect time. I did not seek this out, it just came to me and made me want to share with you.

Self-Care – If I’m feeling off it is usually an indicator that my self-care is lacking. I am a person who is super sensitive to the way I’m feeling, so if I haven’t taken care of myself physically I tend to feel really off. To combat that, in the last few days I’ve upped my health game by preparing gorgeous green juices and really focusing on the whole process from prepping to every last sip.

 tart green juice

Pamper – I also had some fun changing up my hair color a little bit and brightening it on my own. I love all things girly and beautiful and I absolutely looovee to get my hands dirty so it just made sense. I decided to try my hand at coloring my hair. I was inspired by this Youtube video and I cranked up the tunes and had a lot of fun with it. And you know what, I’m really happy with how it came out. I actually feel a little pep in my step because it was something I did…myself… for me and no one else.


Next time you’re feeling off, think about some ways that you can get back on your own team. Your belief in yourself is directly correlated to lasting health, happiness and prosperity (however you define that). So, guess what… it really DOES matter!!

What are some of the ways that you LOVE ON you?



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