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Happy Earth Day!

April 22nd, 2015 | no comments

Earth Day 2015

Woke up with the sun, over an hour before my alarm. I was pulled outside to the fresh air, green grass, buds blooming and warm rays splintering through the treeline.

My intuition knows what it wants so I laced up my sneakers and listened. I found myself in the middle of Prospect Park meditating on all of the life lessons I have been taught lately. So many, some I needed to be (what felt like) smacked in the face to learn. Hey, I can be stubborn with the best of them.

But Mother Nature is always there, sitting patiently, having our back in all of this. Today I’m filled with gratitude, fresh air and a new trust and reassurance in the process. I’ve been so busy lately I hadn’t simply looked up to see the buds on the trees starting to turn into little renewed bursts of color and life.

Call it hippie or woo-woo but I’m in awe of what I actually saw when I opened my eyes this morning and how connected I feel to myself and this beautiful earth. Now THAT’S what’s up.

Go outside today, take a long deep breath of fresh air, go to your happy place, sit and most of all, listen. The more we connect to our true self the more power we have to make this world a better place.

HAPPY (beautiful Mother) EARTH DAY!





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