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It’s a…….!!! Gender Reveal + Pregnancy Update {Weeks 19 – 22}

October 25th, 2016 | no comments

It feels like 3 days since my last update, really it’s been about a month. The last 4 weeks have absolutely flown by. I’m SUPER excited to fill you in and also to share with you our baby’s gender (finally!). We decided on a reveal party with family and close friends this past weekend — and WOW are we still on CLOUD 9 with that entire experience. My mom had this gorgeous cake made with a ‘pink or blue‘ colored center which would reveal the gender. More on that a little later in the post…


Let’s start a few weeks back. By weeks 18 and 19 I started to feel more like myself again – HOORAY! With my energy up and appetite back I found myself in the mood for exercise again and also getting back in the kitchen. One to two Pure Barre classes a week, once a week Soulcycle and a visit to the gym here and there have me feeling sooo much better these days. On the meal front, it had been months since I felt like cooking or preparing food as lack of energy and the smell of, well, everything really bothered me in the beginning. I was happy to be back in the kitchen meal-prepping, taking in LOTs of greens again (yay!) and whipping up homemade dinners (I’m sure this made Karl happy to)! First up…these delicious Flour-less Pumpkin Walnut Muffins inspired by this recipe


We got to hear the sweetest sound of the baby’s heartbeat at our 19 week prenatal visit and it is just the happiest sound — getting stronger and louder each visit. Our doctor now knows that it’s the first thing I want to do at our monthly visits so she gets right down to business – letting us hear the heartbeat before anything else!

For all my mamas-to-be who are following, I will share that sleep is still a challenge for me. I’m either tossing and turning, or can’t regulate my temperature — sleep is my biggest complaint these days but maybe my body is just preparing for what’s ahead? I’m thinking of getting one of those sleep pillows or a cushioned mattress cover. What worked for you? Besides sleep, my skin has been breaking out a lot too. Oh, lovely hormones, I blame you! ;) It’s okay though, I’ll take anything for a healthy baby.

‘Movements’ started to be more distinct right around weeks 19 and 20. With ‘pokes and jabs’ first occuring in the morning, sporadically and when I laid down at night. Such a foreign and amazing feeling to experience the baby being more active. The movements have gotten stronger by the day…and now at 22.5 weeks they are there ALL day and I love them! In a way, those tiny little movement help ease my anxiety about everything being OK and I started to have this calm wash over me that has lasted the past 4 weeks. Can you relate??


During week 20, me and baby flew to California to visit my brother James, some friends and family on the West Coast. Flying was easy except for getting up a TON to pee as the altitude did NOT help with that one — but it was mostly smooth sailing! It felt great to spend a few days in the 80 degree sun of Southern California and get out for hikes and just relax. Karl flew to Colorado this same week to spend time with family too. We have another trip on the books for Thanksgiving to visit with Karl’s family and our 3 month old nephew, which will be the last time I plan to travel before baby and I can’t wait!


The very next week — week 21 —  we had our second trimester ultrasound or “level two” or “anatomy scan” — I’ve heard it referred to in all of those ways. Our appointment was about an hour and 15 minutes long. It was MIND BLOWING to see every tiny finger, toe, vertebrae and baby’s little arms and long legs flailing about. My parents and sister joined Karl and I and it was an unforgettable experience. We even caught the tiniest baby yawn — my eyes filled with tears and I burst into laughter at the same time. The doctor said everything looked great and healthy, and a warm calm washed over my body again — healthy baby is all that matters.

We chose to keep the gender a secret, even from us (!!),  so that we could reveal with friends and family later in the week — eeee, the suspense! Right around this week is when my belly started to “pop” a bit more and it really is a day-to-day thing. Sometimes it looks rounder and bigger (after meals of course) and sometimes its still fairly concealable, though not for much longer I’m sure. I’m still in my regular clothes and swear by these Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband’s that I wrote about last month. Its fun to be showing a bit more! 


Which leads me to…our REVEAL party… 


At 22 weeks we hosted a gender reveal party and this day will truly go down in history!! Normally not one to make a big fuss over things I wanted to keep the party low key and casual but in hindsight I’m really glad that we chose to have fun with the theme and truly focus on celebrating…healthy baby AND finding out the baby’s gender. I was pretty confident in one gender for a few months and had shared that opinion with a lot of people that I almost didn’t feel I needed to reveal at all – haha! Anyone else experience this? Did you have a deep knowing one way or another?? Were your instincts right??



We decorated with streamers, this adorable BOY OR GIRL sign I found on Etsy, and then lots of ways people could cast their “gender vote” — colored straws, TEAM PINK OR TEAM BLUE stickers, colored necklaces and little decorative touches like pink and blue cupcake liners, napkins and plates. The decor came out REALLY cute and it was fun to have everyone share in our excitement. 

 Baseballs + Bows…what will it be!?!img_3075

  Getting ready for the reveal. We knew we’d be THRILLED either way…



And the proud grandparents-to-be! 


Time to reveal…

I was cool as a cucumber leading up to the reveal but in the few moments before we cut the cake my adrenaline started to race. Our future lay inside that cake and we were about to know. Even though I was pretty confident in one gender, we would now know for sure and our world would change forever. At this point everyone had “voted” with party swag and we were ready to find out. We looked around, counted to three, and both cut down on two sides of a triangle into the cake revealing the HOT PINK CAKE inside. I jumped back and gasped in SURPRISE (my prediction had been wrong – haha!) and Karl lifted the vibrant pink piece of cake to show everyone the center. I couldn’t speak, all I could do was laugh/cry(happy tears) and try to pick my jaw up off the floor!  What a wonderful surprise! 

It’s a GIRL!  





The most perfect surprise! That is surely the face of surprise…! 


Celebrating baby girl with mom and sister…pink cake for me and pink champagne for them!


The rest of the evening was a joyous blur and even the last 48 hours we’ve been in a girl-filled haze. It’s a total game changer to know the gender and now picture what our life will be like with our daughter. Our hearts are overflowing with love and gratitude and this information added a whole new dimension to my pregnancy experience. Wow. 


Truth be told the news is STILL sinking in (48 hours later) and I keep relieving the exact moment where the hot pink filling revealed our future and a HUGE smile (and outburst of laughter) comes over me at the thought of our little girl, our daughter. Thanks for following along my pregnancy journey with me! If you’re interested, check out my first pregnancy update or my pregnancy essentials post. It is so fun to share these milestones and experiences and hear about yours too.

 Will continue to share BABY GIRL updates with about 4.5 months to go! 

With love + gratitude, 

Xx, D. 



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