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GUEST POST: What’s Your Freedom Story?

November 4th, 2014 | no comments


Hi Beauty, Anna & Yvan here from,

Words can’t express how grateful we are to be sharing our ideas with the #CreateYourGreatLife Community! 

We believe in the power of aligning with like-minded, purposeful, ambitious individuals who are going after their dreams so that we can empower, inspire, and support one another through the outstanding days and through the character building days.
What are we all about?

#TheFreedomProject is a movement of entrepreneurs who are leaving a positive mark on the world and are designing their own freedom filled lifestyles. Four years ago someone very special believed in us and gave us an opportunity, now we are paying it forward. 
How can you Participate?
We want to know – What’s Your Freedom Story?
You’re creating or have created your Freedom Lifestyle and are totally obsessed with it! We want to know: What’s Your Freedom Story? We’re featuring inspiring and moving freedom stories all over this page and we want to features yours too! All of the profits from the #Freedom gear is going to funding start-ups with a purpose. See who’s participating:
Find us on social media and share the goodness, YOU can start inspiring your communities to live life in total freedom too!!
Wishing you an abundance of Freedom,
Anna & Yvan Lozano
#TheFreedomProject Co-Founders



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