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Hi, From Beautiful Colorado! {vacation musings}

August 4th, 2015 | 2 comments

I spent this past week traveling in Colorado. I love New York City and living in Brooklyn, but it’s great to spend time away. There is something about getting to the airport and then cruising at 10,000+ feet that allows me to do some of my best thinking. 

One of my favorite parts of traveling is just getting out of the everyday routine. I enjoy that feeling of undistracted presence that comes with travel and I especially love our annual trips to Colorado.
When you first land at Denver International Airport there is that instant sense of peace. For me, it’s the gorgeous Rocky Mountains and indescribable crisp fresh air that smells different… like the air that invigorates your soul. 
I spent the first part of the week in Boulder. I love the quaint community feel of Boulder; the neighborhood coffee shops, the activity on Pearl Street, the endless amount of cyclists, and the sprawling backdrop of treelined mountains. Not in New York City anymore are we?
Next, we traveled down to a small mountain town a few hours southwest. The views on the drive down are unlike any others. The rolling hills are sprinkled with the most gorgeous wild flowers and horses, cows and families of deer lined the hills as we passed by. 
I absolutely love to hike and be among nature and the hiking trails are abundant in Colorado. It’s great to feel the ground beneath your feet and go inward with your thoughts and your body. 
Also, Harlow has been loving her first trip to Colorado and I am excited to bring her on more trips. 
It feels good to take a little break from technology while on vacation too. I’ve tried to keep my phone on “airplane mode” and only check it once or  twice a day. Of course I’ve been taking tons of pictures because I want to remember the beauty when I get back to the city, but the pictures don’t do it justice. If you haven’t spent time in Colorado, I highly recommend it. It just feels good for the mind, body, and soul. The pace is a little different and there is plenty of time to connect with yourself and the land. 
Alright, I just wanted to share some thoughts with you as I sit here and take in the gorgeous views. I plan to do more posts that are just “daily musings” of whatever inspires me at the moment. Let me know if you enjoy these types of posts in the comments below. I want to break up the recipe posts a little bit and bring you guys more behind the scenes into my life and how I “create MY great life.” For me, it’s all about being present with the everyday moments and people that you share them with. 
All for now. Well wishes from Colorado… 



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