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5 self-care hacks for alleviating stress-induced pain

January 12th, 2016 | no comments

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Are you suffering from physical pain? Is there discomfort or dis-ease in your life, mind or body? Are your muscles tense, jaw clenched or perhaps bloating or fatigue? Read on…

Emotional angst and internalizing stress are like little demons to the body. They’re determined and they manifest in the body as physical pain. Without healthy outlets, release, forgiveness, confrontation(the good kind – think FACING your issues) and acceptance, the angst and stress multiplies; eventually leading to physical pain and illness. Sometimes it takes years for these little internal demons to catch up with the body and then they strike with a vengeance.

If you’ve been following me for some time you know that I overcame a back injury. In additional to physical therapy, I turned to an anti-inflammatory diet, many lifestyle changes and a slow and steady emotional recovery including combating stress management and finding healthy emotional outlets.

bridge 1

As a deep feeler and highly compassionate person I tend to take on emotions from not only my inner thoughts and feelings but the outside world too. This means I tend to “take-on” an emotional load much bigger than myself and that has had a way of trickling into my physical being and showing up as headaches, poor digestion and back pain. 

This past summer I was diagnosed with Vertigo and TMJ – very painful and knock-you-on-your-a** kinda symptoms. Dizziness, nausea, the spins coupled with jaw aches, severe ear pain and just overall not fun. To understand the root of the symptoms, I looked past the physical into imbalances in my life, emotional wellness and areas of tension in my life. When researching holistic remedies for both ailments I was repeatedly pointed back to simple stress management practices such as sleep, self-care, writing, talking out my feelings, being in nature and creating rituals for calm and joy. 


I’ve learned through the years how important these SELF-CARE practices are to my overall health and well being and that if I don’t take good care, my body will physically stop me.  It’s not ideal to wait for our bodies to slow us down through various ailments, our bodies are smart and they know what we need and will go to great lengths to correct imbalances. 

Here are a few of the SELF-CARE practices that have dramatically improved my symptoms of physical pain either in the moment or for on-going health and pain relief:

bath salts

  1. A CONSISTENT WRITING PRACTICE: developing a writing practice has helped me work through the thought clutter in my mind whether it’s good, struggle, ideas, conflict resolution, next steps, business ideas or just jumbled feelings. Getting the thoughts to paper helps me obtain a physical release instead of bottling the feelings and thoughts inside and them showing up as tension in my muscles or a headache.
  2. ESPSOM SALT BATHS: soaking in a warm tub is my time to create a boundary between me and the outside world. Soaking in a warm bath helps relieve muscle tension which contributes to some physical ailments such as back pain. I have my own personal “no technology” rule that I abide by and instead I will light a candle and take a book, magazine or just sit there with my thoughts and breathe. Epsom salt baths have been proven to lower stress hormones and increase levels of magnesium in the body which are vital to good health. I’ve found that the nights I take a bath before bed I sleep more soundly. 
  3. TIME IN NATURE: living in a city like New York it can be difficult to escape the lights, sounds and hustle-n-bustle which contributes to sensory overload on your body. Lucky for me living very close to Prospect Park in Brooklyn I make it a point to take Harlow for long walks or light jogs to get in fresh air and a moderate heart rate. Moving your body, especially while in nature can have a calming effect and help alleviate anxiety that contributes to physical pain.
  4. LETTING PERFECTION GO: as an entrepreneur, coach and overall passionate person I am always striving for excellence for myself, my clients and those around me. However, nothing in life is “perfect” so letting go has been a tremendous part of the journey for me. Part of the ways I implement that is by continuing to blog and create and put myself out there among fear or doubt that I’m not perfect. Another way I work out “letting go” is through my writing practice, #1 above. 
  5. COLORING: since my symptoms are stress-related finding activities that alleviate stress are important to my well being. About a year ago my brother introduced me to “adult coloring books,” and now they are everywhere on Instragram to large sections at the book store. Coloring is a fun, playful activity that also helps focus the brain in a mindful way. I find the colors soothing and if I’m feeling anxious, nothing gets me out of that feeling quicker than a fun activity.


I hope you find some of these outlets helpful as you embark on your own quest for more joy, less chaos and calm in your life.

I’d love to know which tip resonated the most or which one you have tried or if you have another healthy hack for physical pain that helps you! Tweet me @DeeLynn

Create Your 2016 Vision (Free Vision Planning Worksheet)

January 5th, 2016 | no comments


Yesterday we discussed the importance of reflection as a foundation for creating meaningful tangible goals. I shared my favorite worksheet for 2015 Reflection that you can download for free here. I spent some time filling it out for myself and I was instantly filled with gratitude for the love and lessons brought about in 2015. It was a great reminder of how I’ve grown in 2015 and what I will be taking into 2016 with me. 

My 2015 Reflection

2015 Reflection DLE

 Now that we’ve done our 2015 reflection and we have a great understanding of how far we’ve come and what we will be bringing into the new year, let’s look at intentionally planning for a great year ahead. I’m not a HUGE fan of “New Year’s Resolutions,” I just don’t find them to be that sustainable or productive. For many of my clients,  resolutions tend to be negative or heavy. Instead, I am a proponent for vision planning and goal setting and of course this can be done at the beginning of the year(or any time of year). I encourage clients and friends to think about the words and feelings they want to cultivate in the new year ahead and we work backwards to define the goals and actions. 

A page from my journal…

2016 Words

Instead of thinking about something you want to give up, let’s shift our mindset to what you want to create in 2016. Think about how you want to be and feel this year. How will you act out those things? What form will they take in your life? 

When we set goals from a heart-centered place it is much easier to create the map for which we will start to achieve our goals because we feel really energized, connected and engaged in the process.


Just like my reflection worksheet, my New Year Vision Planning worksheet is a favorite among clients and friends. This worksheet is designed to help you cultivate the feelings, commitments, tangibles and energy that you will focus on this year. You can grab a free copy of the worksheet below to jumpstart your efforts to create your great year

Happy planning!


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My Year-In-Review (plus free printable 2015 Reflection Worksheet)

January 4th, 2016 | no comments

2015 Best 9 Pictures of 2015

It’s the first Monday of 2016 and that’s exciting. A brand new year for creation, challenge and adventure.

I have to admit that this new year crept up on me a bit. 

I’m a very sensitive person. Karl jokingly calls me a sponge because he says that I always absorb what’s around me. Sometimes that means absorbing different energies, vibes or moods, other times it means that I’m very affected by the weather. Well, these last few months in New York have been uncharacteristically warm and I guess it didn’t really “feel” like the end of the year. Since the end of the year crept up on me, I’ve had to get a little more intentional about reflection this time around. Can you relate?

One of my resolutions in 2015 was to ⭐be more present⭐. Though my online community has grown so much, and I am endlessly grateful for the people who have come into my life through social media and wonderful online communities, I am still finding a balance that feels really good. The year of 2015 was dedicated to bringing moment attention and intention to in person moments and experiences, having many tech-free meals, days and experiences. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE sharing my life, travels, relationships, experiences and most importantly RECIPES with all of you. However, I know in my heart that to be able to give YOU more I’ve needed to give to myself in a lot of ways too and for me that means disconnecting from technology, spending time in nature, prioritizing fitness and wellness activities and focusing on deep, soulful, heart-centered conversations and connections.

In 2015, I focused on enriching the quality of the time I spent with myself, through self-care, workouts and delicious recipes, and those I love by taking tech-free time to spend with them. I practiced listening and being less judgmental(of myself and of the world).

Above all, I strive to make sure that my “in real life” moments are worth remembering because I’m present, appreciative, grateful and fully engaged.

2015 was full of travel, adventure, family, nature, challenges, love, new experiences, lots and lots of new recipes, health, fitness, Y7 Yoga, SoulCycle, new friends, old friends, lessons, milestones and everything in between.

Here are some of the highlights from 2015:

I’m excited to take the love and lessons from 2015 and bring them into a new year. Here’s to a fresh year to create your dreams, BE who you want to be and strive to enrich your REAL LIFE moments for yourself and those you love. So thankful for this journey, this community and that most importantly your love, support and engagement that inspires me to keep sharing my life, my recipes and myself with you.


2015 Reflection

Let’s make this year F*#%ing Magical!


Want a FREE copy of my coveted Reflection Worksheet? 

If you’ve coached with me, been to one of my workshops, followed me on social media or this blog, or  simply know me AT ALL, you know that I’m a big believer in reflection. Reflection helps us focus on where we have been, how far we’ve come and the lessons and gifts that have come into our life. Reflection helps us look back and connect the dots to see the growth in ourselves and our experiences. The steps we’ve taken have a direct effect on where we will go. 

One of my goals in 2016 is to share MORE of the tools, resources and tips that continue to impact my life and bring health, happiness and success to my clients and community. And it starts now!

Over the past 7 years, reflection has been a favorite activity among my clients, peers and has had a tremendous impact on my life. Time and time again I turn to reflection as a building block for creating an intentional, healthy, fulfilling and happy life and business. I’ve taken some of my favorite reflections questions of the year and combined them into a FREE worksheet for you here. Print it, take a few minutes for yourself and REFLECT on all that you’ve created in 2015 to help build a strong foundation for your goals, desires and purpose in 2016. I hope you enjoy!

2015 Reflection Worksheet Snapshot

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5 Ways to Avoid Seasonal FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

September 13th, 2015 | 2 comments

The more present I am in my life, the more calm I feel about change. I’ll give you an example.

I used to completely bug out come September, saying “where did the summer go???” and “nooo, I’m not ready for fall!” or “insert frazzled comment about summer ending here.” I would really freak out feeling like the season went by too fast and it would lead me to feelings of frustration, unhappiness and even a bit of depression that I missed out on the activities I so enjoy.

By letting the season pass without truly enjoying it, I felt like my life was happening to me and I was not in the driver’s seat. Since each season has its own weather, style, flavors and feelings there is always an opportunity to embrace or miss out.

In the summer I absolutely love long beach days, nights that end with frozen yogurt and BBQs with good company. However, I end up sacrificing all of that when I’m over-scheduled, moving too fast or just plain distracted.

Froyo dates are my favorite!

A shift in my perception on presence has had a huge impact on how much I am able to enjoy life and enrich my personal relationships.

I value being an active participant in my life and the feelings of fulfillment and joy have become my metrics for success.

Since juggling priorities, commitments and relationships is a reality for most of us, I’ve put together the tips that help me experience more joy, less overwhelm and make the most out of each season. Now I no longer dread the changing of the season as much as I look forward to it. I hope these tips inspire you to make the most of the moments and experience more day-to-day joy.

 Summer markets filled with fruit!


1. Just say “no.”, period.

I definitely learned this one the hard way by saying “yes” to every invitation that would hit my inbox. At the end of the season I was completely exhausted, overspent and downright depleted.  I did everything and was everywhere for other people and I did not feel present, calm and happy. Now, I embrace the power of saying “no.” and being extremely choosey about the way I spend my time. If I decide to “say no” I’ll send a thoughtful card or gift in my absence and make time to connect or celebrate in my own way. I am not better for being at the event if I am not present, calm or well. I’m always a better friend and supported when I am feeling well supported and sometimes that means saying “no” to some things and “yes” to myself.

 11 mile bike ride on Block Island, RI – our first time to BI!

2. Make a seasonal bucket list.

At the beginning of each season I’ll get very intentional about what I want to create in the upcoming months. I write down feelings, favorite activities to do, flavors I want to experience and places I’d like to go. When the fall arrives I’m ready for apple cider, pumpkin everything and flannel shirts because I’ve been prancing around in a swim suit at the beach eating ice cream all summer.

Warm nights in Brooklyn:


 3. Embrace simplicity.

I used to believe there was an award for being the busiest person in the room. Not anymore. Now I value simplicity and space in my life and schedule. When my life is overcomplicated, I often miss out on the simple things like watching the sunset, warm nights, writing for pleasure and even quality time with my significant other. Now I strive for moments when I can do one activity at a time and savor the simplicity of it instead of being a completely distracted trying to get everything done at once. When I single-task I enjoy the moment much more, feel calm and at ease.

Sun setting over the gorgeous Colorado mountains:

 Sunset over the Colorado mountains

4. Schedule in technology-free time.

This one can be especially difficult for those of you who love to chronicle your life on social media or stay connected to email at all times. Usually when I am feeling out of touch with myself its usually because I’ve been in-touch to the internet too much. I like to keep my phone on silent on the weekends or when out to dinner with a loved one to minimize distractions. Being technology-free for even an entire evening with your spouse will greatly increase your ability to be present and enjoy the moments, try it!

Ricketts Glen, PA – 97′ waterfall hike

 Ricketts Glen, PA -  97' waterfall hike


5. Ruthlessly prioritize.

Saying yes to a long brunch with a good friend that you haven’t seen in a while might mean saying no to writing that extra blog post or getting to the gym that day. Life is all about balance. While I’m not saying to throw your health out of the window, what I am saying is to opt-in to people or activities that feed your soul. If there is the “I should do this” feeling versus the “I want to do this” feeling then your head and heart may be out of alignment. Strive for activities that make your feel present and energized.

The next time you’re feeling like a season went by with the blink of an eye and you may have missed out, employ one of these tips to feel more present and make the most of the moments in your life.

Tips for Ordering Take-out Without Sabotaging Your Health

September 10th, 2015 | 1 comment
​​Let’s face it, not everyday is a homemade green juice kinda day.

I live in a big, fast-paced city and juggle between many different priorities on the daily. Ordering take-out can be a real time saver, and frankly an energy-saver too. However, eating takeout can really crush your health-game and end up burdening your body if you don’t take a minute to think it through.

Many of my clients express confusion about what to order when getting take-out or eating at restaurants (which I am sure if a whole other post waiting to happen). Most people say “what the heck, I’m just going to order whatever because getting take-out isn’t healthy anyway so who cares?” ME!! I DO, I DO!!  You absolutely CAN order take-out without sacrificing flavor or your health or even the fun of it. And I’m not talking about just ordering a salad. 

On take-out night in our house we get really excited about it since its kind of a special treat. If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I strive for 80% home-prepared meals and 20% total freedom. That means, I have NO guilt when I want to order take-out, splurge on a nice restaurant or grab something on-the-go. I don’t like strict rules that have me feeling all confined when it comes to food. No way, Jose! 

Instead, stick to a few healthy swaps like the ones I’ve outlined below and you won’t miss out. 

unknown (17)

Here’s a short list of some tips I love for ordering take-out that won’t sabotage your diet, wreck digestive havoc or have you feeling any guilt.

1. Go for grilled, steamed or raw versus fried. I love Mexican food but not that feeling after you’ve overdone it on the fried entrees, loads of cheese and oily chips. Opt for the grilled vegetable or fish tacos on a corn tortilla (versus flour tortilla) for a gluten-free option. When eating at home, swap out sour cream for 0% fat plain Greek yogurt for that same creaminess that cools off a spicy meal. I’ll even ask the restaurant to pack all of the taco ingredients separately so we can “build our own” at home, giving us total control over the ingredients. 

2. Keep it lean and clean. When I just don’t feel like cooking, I’ll opt for take-out and I just never get sick of sushi. Swap out white rice for steamed brown rice in your roll and stick to simple rolls like salmon + avocado for a dose of healthy fats. I usually tell them to “hold the soy sauce” and instead use my long-loved Bragg’s liquid Aminos. It’s the perfect soy sauce alternative that’s gluten-free, sugar-free and absolutely delicious. Add a little wasabi and you’ll won’t miss the sodium, msg, wheat and sugar laden soy sauce that they usually serve. I like to get a cucumber avocado roll to add some greenery to the mix as well and I’ve lately seen a new trend of sushi rolls being wrapped in cucumber instead of seaweed.


3. Don’t skimp on the sides. I love Italian food but the breads and pastas don’t always agree with me. So whenever I order Italian I make sure not to skimp on the sides. I’ll order a few sides of garlicky steamed vegetables, usually spinach or broccoli or the greens’du jour’ and make sure to fill at least half of my plate with greens to balance out the heavier indulgences like pizza. When you’re still getting in your greens it’s almost impossible to overdue it! 

4. Sharing is caring. If there’s some decadent on the menu that I really want, I’ll try to share it with someone or even two or three people as an appetizer or even a dessert item. Really I just want a taste or two but I know if I order it to myself I’ll overdue it. By getting something decadent as a “share item” that everyone can enjoy you never feel like you’re missing out.

5. Make it the exception not the rule. Take-out can be convenient, fun and even exciting. However, whenever you eat food not prepared in your kitchen you run the risk of eating things you may not want like excess butter, sodium or sugar. So, make take-out the exception not the rule. As I mentioned above, strive for 80% home-prepared meals and 20% take-out or eat-out meals. That way you can still live your life without sacrificing experiences like a girls night out or a birthday lunch with your coworkers. The 80/20 rule also works for the day you plan to eat take-out. Think of it this way, if you know you’re going to order out that night for dinner make your breakfast and lunch an eat-at-home healthy meal to balance out your dinner. This equation can be swapped for any meal of the day.

6. Enjoy the novelty of it, guilt-free! When you make ordering take-out or eating at a restaurant a special “event” you subconsciously ignite those pleasure receptors in your brain. Hence, allowing you to enjoy it more. When you enjoy the experience more, you don’t have to do it all the time to feel the joy of it. So, the next time you order out think of ways to make it special. Maybe you serve the food on one of your favorite platters instead of out of the to-go container or you pour a glass of wine and turn it into your “you” night. 

 These are just a few of the ways I clean-up my meals when eating out or taking out. I hope you found some of the tips helpful cause I have A LOT more where this came from! 

5 Quick Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

September 2nd, 2015 | no comments

I have been traveling A LOT this year. It feels like every other week I’ve been on a plane, a train, or jumping in the car for a road trip, or planning for upcoming travel. Some of my favorite trips of the year were to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Colorado and Montauk.


On my way to the airport!

Now I’m not complaining one bit, but staying healthy on-the-go seems to always been top of mind for me and this is a big challenge for many of my health coaching clients.  There are so many variables while traveling like fluctuations in sleep, access to healthy food and even our increased exposure to germs like on the plane.

Landing at LGA back in New York!

Landing at LGA back in New York!

All of these factors add up and have the potential to throw our bodies a bit out of whack leading to unwanted symptoms such as bloating, fatigue, headaches, colds, irregularity and lack of energy.

I’ve been able to drastically reduce these symptoms over the years with just a few quick tips that I wanted to share today. We’ll call these my travel essentials for staying well. Just a few easily implementable tips to keep your energy up and your immune system in tact.

Hanging at the Airport in the Bahamas

Hanging at the Airport in the Bahamas

Real talk, traveling isn’t always glamorous for our bodies so we need to take extra good care.

I’ve employed these tips on every kind of travel from an extended stay European foray to a quick weekend getaway one state over. These tips are simple, take minimal time and can make a positive impact on your body, health and ability to fully enjoy your trip.


5 Quick Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling


Staying hydrated

Drink LOTS of water. When we travel, especially by air, the recycled air in the cabin and high altitudes easily dehydrate us leading to symptoms like headaches and fatigue. I always keep a large water bottle in hand and even pack an empty water bottle in my suitcase as a reminder to fill up and stay hydrated. While in nutrition school I learned one of my favorite equations for staying hydrated which is to aim to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water per day, it never fails! 

Keep your hands clean. We know this from flu season advertisements but washing your hands is one of the best ways to ward off the common cold. It is no different when you travel and are exposed to extra germs in tight quarters like in the cabin of an airplane. If you can’t get to a bathroom, keep an antibacterial gel with you for an instant clean.


Bring your own healthy snacks. I always travel with my favorite organic oatmeal packets, homemade trail mix and energy bars for a healthy and nutritious meal or snack at any time. Most airlines also allow you to bring hard boiled eggs, fruit (or my delicious cinnamon apple chips) and vegetable sticks which make great travel snacks. I love whole foods bars like GoMacro and Larabar (Have you tried my Larabar inspired homemade fruit and nut bars?). 


Don’t skip your greens. Chances are when you travel you’re not reaching for the green salad at lunch, you’d rather indulge in the local cuisine. Before I leave I always stock up on my favorite powdered microgreens in single serving packets that are great to throw in your bag, from my local health food store. They’re full of vitamins, mineral and fiber to keep your immune-system boosted and your energy levels high throughout the day. That way you can always sneak in your fruits and vegetables in between travel indulgences without feeling all of the way out of balance. My favorites include Amazing Grass Green SuperFood® Drink Powder Superfruit Infusion Goji and Acai  and MegaFood Daily Energy Nutrient Booster Powder and Vega One Nutritional Shake packets that I mix with water for a super quick nutrient boost. 


Combat bloat and irregularity with probiotics. Due to a combination of the travel elements many of us experience bloat, irregularity and fatigue while travel. To combat those symptoms, travel with a high quality room temperature stable probiotic that you can find at your local health food store or online. Always consult your physician before taking supplements of any kind. My favorites that are room-temperature (think travel) safe are Jarrow Formulas and USANA

I hope you enjoyed my 5 quick tips for staying healthy while traveling. Let me know in the comments below which one was your favorite.

The next time you plan a trip, spend a few minutes thinking ahead about how you will stay healthy on-the-go and you’ll reap the rewards of feeling well and staying healthy so all of your attention can be spent on enjoying yourself and the places you go. Happy Travels!

Headed to the beach for Labor Day Weekend?

Don’t miss my last post where I share my Absolute Essentials for the Perfect Beach Day.


My Essentials for the Perfect Beach Day

August 31st, 2015 | 1 comment

I absolutely LIVE for a good beach day. Maybe its because I grew up less than 1 mile from the beach. 

Shelter Island, New York

Shelter Island, New York

As a kid, long beach days and ice pops punctuated the summer. In the fall and winter, we’d bring dinner down to the water and soak up the sunsets ritualistically. Even though we lived near the beach, we would always vacation down on Paradise Island, Bahamas, a beach that now feels like a home away from home (below). In college, I also lived near the beach in Rhode Island. Whenever I felt lost or confused (which was a lot in college, yah know?), I’d make my way down to the beach and listen to the waves and just sit. Looking out on the horizon is where I’ve thought through some of the toughest times in my life and ignited some of my most exciting and zealous ideas.

All year long the beach plays a central role in my every day life. 
Paradise Island, Bahamas

Paradise Island, Bahamas

Spending time at the beach is truly meditative for me. The way the sand gives when you walk on it. The way every single wave is different in sound, movement, length. It provides solace from the otherwise hustle and bustle of city-living. Can you relate?

Montauk, New York

Montauk, New York

Needless to say, the beach is a place that feels like home. It’s a place I know I can always return to and it seems to give me something different but perfect every time I’m there.

Not to mention, its place that brings me the most joy and best memories. There is nothing more fun to me than spending a day at the beach in good company with not a care in the world, no watch, no schedule but the one the sun is on.

Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica, California

Today I thought I’d share some of my beach day essentials. Since I’ve learned over the years that if I’m prepared with just a few of the essentials I can last at the beach all day worry-free. Being prepared helps to alleviate the intensity of my natural anxiety.

Since I’m at the beach so much in the summer, I keep our trunk packed with our beach chairs, umbrella and I even keep my beach bag stocked with the essentials you see below so that I’m ready for the spontaneous beach days that make summer so memorable. 

Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn, New York

This is in no way a comprehensive list or even items that you absolutely need. These are just essential items that help me have the perfect and most enjoyable beach day possible. I hope it inspires you!

DLE’s beach day essentials…

beach 1


  1. Healthy Snacks: my favorites are cut up fruit and veggies, raw nuts and whole foods bars like GoMacro Organic Bars and Larabar. 
  2. Waterproof sunscreen: we all know the famous commencement address which stressed the most important piece of life advice “wear sunscreen” and I totally agree. Keep your skin healthy and radiant by slathering on some waterproof SPF especially in areas you wouldn’t think you need it like your ears, fingers and toes (places people often forget to apply). 
  3. Moisturizing lip treatment with SPF: my lips always seem to get a lot of sun at the beach and chap easily. I love the super silky and nourishing FRESH Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15.
  4. Tanning Spray with SPF: there is nothing better than getting that fresh tan to accessorize with in the summer. I love a tanning mist with SPF to spray on my arms and legs to attract the sun while also protecting from harmful UV rays.
  5. Tons of water: this one from Water Bobble is probably the most essential item on my list. Hydrating at the beach is super important since the sun and salt water are really dehydrating. I pack 3 – 4 water bottles with me and stick them in a small cooler so that I can stay hydrated all day. If I don’t have enough water to drink, I can’t enjoy the beach. 
  6. Moroccan Oil: exposure to sun can be very damaging to your hair so when I’m at the beach I always slather on a ton of argon oil, especially to the ends of my hair that tend to fry easily. The Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil is super thick and will naturally protect your hair from damaging sun rays, it also acts as a deep conditioner. I love this one!
  7. Refreshing wipes: I love these moisturizing and cleansing body wipes from Ban. With all the sunscreen, sand, salt water and oil you can feel pretty gross by the end of the day or when you pit stop for lunch. I love these wipes for a super quick refresh.
A few more of my favorites that make the day extra awesome…
 beach 2
  1. A good pair of polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes: I am currently crushing on these Carrera and Ray-Ban sunnies. 
  2. A sand-and-water proof iPhone and iPad case that double as a wallet. I’ll put anything that I want sand free in these cute Echo Designs Clearly Cool Beach Cases
  3. A Bluetooth speaker because music just makes everything better.
  4. A hat for when you just a little shade on your face. I love a good over-sized hat or trucker hat.
  5. An over-sized beach towel in your favorite print or pattern, cause its just fun. 
  6. A large and durable beach bag that you don’t mind getting beached up. I love this L L Bean Boat Tote because you can easily toss it in the wash!

 That’s it for my beach day essentials. I hope you enjoyed and found some inspiration! If there is anything that you bring to the beach that I forgot leave a comment below! 

Enjoy these last few weeks of beach weather my friends!

How I #LOVEMYSELF to Combat Self-Doubt

August 25th, 2015 | no comments

Today I wanted to write about something a little more personal.

This topic seemed like a theme this week and kept coming up among conversations with clients, friends, fellow bloggers and just little signs everywhere. When you open yourself up to listening, what you hear may surprise you.

This topic is SELF LOVE and being on TEAM YOU.

With my coaching clients and a health coach that I mentor, this topic was the common thread and I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you. I really saw this topic reflecting in my own life and as a coach, that happens a lot. A client, or mentee, or even a friend will be dealing with a challenging topic and I will see glimpses of the same challenge reflected in my own life, so I felt that there was a teachable or shareable moment here.

To make it in life, love and business, you really need to be your own cheerleader. I truly believe that. 

This can be hard to do at times, especially if the levels are turned up on your “inner mean girl/guy,” or if you’re constantly judging yourself or second-guessing your decisions. This also comes into play when you feel disconnected from your WHY, your GREAT PURPOSE and your VISION. 

Whenever I feel disconnected from “my why” – the reason I am here, the reason I love to do what I do, the reasons I share my life with you – that’s when the fear, worry and comparison come in. It can be stifling and really keep me stuck from the things I want, feelings I want to cultivate, people or opportunities I want to create, you name it. 

I see this in my own life and with my clients when it comes to cultivating romantic love, a prosperous business, a healthy body and mind, and even just feeling good waking up and being yourself authentically from sun up to sun down. 

Here are a few ways I love myself when I’m feeling disconnected or I step off the “me train” for a few minutes or days…

Get Clear on Your Why – I reconnect with my why through the creation of a new VISION BOARD, be it on Pinterest or the physical creation of an inspiration board. I let my mind get creative and free and let my heart speak through words and pictures. This never fails. Journaling my thoughts, feelings, desires, even fears, worries and doubts immediately after helps spur the vision into action and affirmation.

Color – Just today I posted a picture on Instagram of one of my favorite de-stress activities which is to color. Coloring helps stimulate creativity and actually helps you feel calm and balanced. A few of my favorite coloring books are here and here.


Music – This song kept popping into my life at moments when I needed it this week. It is an awesome pump-up anthem for LOVING YOURSELF. Turn up the volume and press play. Impromptu dance parties encouraged! But really, this one is all about letting loose and getting out of your own way a little bit. Dancing around to a pump-up song really helps you feel unstuck, have a little fun and helps you shift your mentality from that of judgement to one that is light and free. #LOVEMYSELF

Mantras – I came across this video today by one of my favorite inspirational health and wellness gurus, Kris Carr, and it came in at the perfect time. I did not seek this out, it just came to me and made me want to share with you.

Self-Care – If I’m feeling off it is usually an indicator that my self-care is lacking. I am a person who is super sensitive to the way I’m feeling, so if I haven’t taken care of myself physically I tend to feel really off. To combat that, in the last few days I’ve upped my health game by preparing gorgeous green juices and really focusing on the whole process from prepping to every last sip.

 tart green juice

Pamper – I also had some fun changing up my hair color a little bit and brightening it on my own. I love all things girly and beautiful and I absolutely looovee to get my hands dirty so it just made sense. I decided to try my hand at coloring my hair. I was inspired by this Youtube video and I cranked up the tunes and had a lot of fun with it. And you know what, I’m really happy with how it came out. I actually feel a little pep in my step because it was something I did…myself… for me and no one else.


Next time you’re feeling off, think about some ways that you can get back on your own team. Your belief in yourself is directly correlated to lasting health, happiness and prosperity (however you define that). So, guess what… it really DOES matter!!

What are some of the ways that you LOVE ON you?

How to Preserve and Store Avocado

July 15th, 2015 | no comments

Avo sal

Yes, you read that right: 5 avocados for 99 cents

Okay, so that is the best deal I’ve ever seen on avocados in my life. In December during my vacation in San Francisco we drove down Highway 1 to Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz, CA. Along the way we made several pit stops at all of the local farmer’s markets that were right off the Pacific Coast Highway. Not only were the markets overflowing with abundant and gorgeous produce but I spotted the BEST.DEAL.AROUND, 5 avocados for 99 cents?! That is CRAZY PANTS if you ask me, as in NYC they can be approximately $4 each and they likely aren’t as fresh or ripe, definitely not local since they need tons of sun to grow.  

However, avocados remain one of my absolute favorite foods and a giant staple in my kitchen all year long. The avocados we get here in New York typically hail from Mexico and therefore can be a bit pricey. That is because they have to be transported up to our markets usually by plane, train or truck.

“Avos” – as I often refer to them – contain so much  of the good stuff when it comes to health like monounsaturated fat (aka “the good kind of fat”), fiber and tons of vitamins and minerals such as Folate, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. They are little fleshy balls of health and extremely versatile in the flavor department so I use them in tons of recipes from breakfast, dinner, dessert and even salad dressings like my Vegan Avocado Ranch Dressing. They’re also great for keeping your hair and skin healthy, shiny and moisturized so I love to whip up DIY cosmetics with Avo as the star ingredient. If you end up with an overripe Avo just use it in my homemade Avocado Honey Hair Mask. Clearly, Avocados are one of the non-local foods that I live for. 

Don’t feel any pressure to eat the whole avocado at one time…but by all means DO if you’d like.

 Now, let’s talking about STORING these delicious green gems since most of us aren’t using an entire avocado each time we reach for that little dark green fruit. A lot of my clients complain about them going brown or getting too ripe before using. Depending on my mood I use 1/4, 1/2 or even a whole avocado at any given time. Lock in freshness and keep from browning by using this TIP! 

Avocado Tip


  1. Keep the pit IN on the side that you plan to save.
  2. Take 1/2 lemon and rub over the avocado flesh (any form of lemon juice will work). 
  3. Store in an airtight glass container in the fridge. 

NOTE: Use these steps on how to store avocado with any “new” exposed flesh as you make your way through the Avo and enjoy as much or as little avocado at a time as you’d like. Remember to keep the pit IN even if you only have 1/4 of an Avo left.


Hope this helps keep your avocados fresher longer and have you enjoying every last bit of this power-packed gem! Leave a comment below if this tip was helpful or if you have any stubborn produce you’d like to see a HOW TO on. 


How to Make Detox Water At Home

June 8th, 2015 | 5 comments
Hello Summer, I thought you’d never come. But, I’m glad you did!

It’s summer… it’s hot, it’s humid and sometimes a bit sticky. I really love these warmer days and spending time outside in the sun soaking up the vitamin D. However, the heat can be a bit draining to our bodies, so staying hydrated in the summer (and all year long) is a priority. 

Hydration in essential for optimal health. Your body, which is mostly made up of water, needs to be hydrated to carry out natural processes that keep us healthy and thriving such as digestion, circulation, detoxification and more. When I was in nutrition school I learned that ideally we would all be drinking HALF OUR BODY WEIGHT IN OUNCES of water per day. So, a person who weighs 130 lbs would drink at least 65 ounces of water per day or the equivalent of 8 glasses or so.  Are you drinking enough?

Body Weight / 2 = # of ounces of water per day your body craves

I often hear my clients complain that while they know drinking water is important it can be a bit boring to guzzle just plain ole water. I understand, variety is the spice of life! Which is why I often encourage my clients to get creative when it comes to their water and make it interesting by creating their own detox water combinations at home and switching up the flavors. 

Lemon + Orange + Grapefruit

citrus water

By adding fruit and herbs to your water you not only increase the flavor but also kick the health benefits up a notch too as the water absorbs the nutrients from the additives to give it a boost. 

Fresh Mint + Lime

mint n lime

Didya know? Staying well hydrated has been proven to increase energy, aid in digestion, reduce headaches, keeps our thoughts clear and help rev up our bodies’ natural detoxifying processes. 

TIP: Try swapping out your morning coffee for a big glass of DETOX WATER for 7 days and see how you feel. Notice how you feel and what your body craves throughout the day.

Basil + Strawberry + Lemon 

unknown (9)


How to Make Homemade Detox Water
  1. Fill your water bottle or water jug with purified water.
  2. Add fresh fruit slices of your choice (have fun with different combinations).
  3. Add fresh herbs of your choice (optional).
  4. Refrigerate over night OR toss right in before you leave the house in the morning.

For Fruit I love: Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Orange, Strawberry, Mango, Raspberry, Pineapple (okay, just about any fruit works!)

For Herbs I love: Fresh Mint, Rosemary or Basil 



 Mint Infused Water (So Refreshing!)

unknown (8)
By infusing the water over night you release the essential oils in the herbs and vitamins from the fruit for an added boost of nutrition and energy. I like to “slap” the herbs between my hands a few times before adding it in (and take a good inhale of the amazing scent first) as that helps to release the essential oils — try it! Make sure your fruit is organic and thoroughly washed since your water will be soaking in it. And most of all…enjoy and have fun with the flavor combos!

Let me know what your favorite combinations are in the comments below. Happy sipping!