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Baby Celebration + Pregnancy Update {Weeks 29-35}

January 19th, 2017 | no comments


Here we are again, another pregnancy update and this time I am excited because of the amazing weekend we are coming off of. This weekend we had our BABY CELEBRATION (in lieu of a shower) and I have lots of pictures to share, plus some from our “its-coming-together” baby nursery. Let’s get into it…


Weeks 29-31: Nesting is REAL! No corner of the apartment has been left untouched, organized, sifted through. I’ve done more organizing, decluttering and dusting then I’m proud to admit. Not only making space for baby stuff but making it easier on us when inevitable “stuff” is going to pile up with a newborn. The less of the other “stuff” the better, AMIRIGHT?! 

Harlow being an “only child” — just few more weeks… ;) 


Mid December started our Bradley Method childbirth classes led by the amazing, compassionate and knowledgable Mary Ester Malloy of Mindful Birth NYC. I am the type of person that truly lives by the mantra “the best way through is through” so this pregnancy/childbirth/newborn care class is right up our alley. The Bradley Method focuses on partner-coached childbirth and various natural labor techniques and it has been really informative and amazing for us to learn together as a couple about what’s ahead. It’s great to have a community to talk to during this very important time. Our midwives have been incredibly helpful and supportive, especially about normalizing pregnancy, labor and delivery, but as first-timers sometimes we don’t know what questions to ask – can you relate? So it’s helpful to hear other people’s questions in a safe and supportive setting like our weekly classes and learn about the research behind certain practices, procedures and alternatives. I truly look forward to these classes every week. Did you find taking a class helpful during pregnancy?

Somewhere in between it all we had a low key holiday and New Year’s with family and rung in 2017 with an amazing firework display in Brooklyn. Ohhh the symbolism! ;) 

Look how cute! Baby girl is getting stocked already ~ Thank you Auntie Lexie!


Cuteness overload!


Weeks 32-34:  Going to complain for 2 seconds here…everything they say about pregnancy is TRUE! Ha ha.  New aches, symptoms, Braxton Hicks contractions and changes in my body every single day. While its beautiful and amazing, hey mamas… it can be tough too. Feels like the first trimester fatigue has returned some, so I’ve been doing my best to combat with extra rest, lots of good nutrition (I’m craving fresh orange, lemon and grapefruit) and drinking lots of water. I’ve incorporated more coconut water into my diet too and feel like that’s been helping to keep my energy up. Exercise, stretching and massage help though I could always be better about stretching. Oh, and, eating bananas regularly has helped combat some of those painful leg cramps, do you know which ones I’m talking about? Ouch! 

Preparing the nursery has been so special and we’ve definitely made progress in the last month…


Still have a lot of decorating and organizing to do in this room but it’s coming along!

(Next up: paint the walls, hanging shelves/pictures/drapes and decorating!)


My little laundry helper…


Karl built the baby’s dresser and we MADE a changing table frame off of a Pinterest-inspired DIY project we found and I just love how it came out. Our glider, rug, lamp and ottoman came this week too so that’s been a real treat! Next up, the crib delivery, drapes and hanging shelves and pictures. This is such a special moment and I love being in the nursery. We went for a very fresh, cozy and clean decor of layered white textures and small feminine pops of metallic accents. I love how’s it’s coming out and we’ll post some pictures when it all comes together. 

IMG_4564I know I will get questions so here is what we have so far: 

  Week 34: OUR BABY CELEBRATION (!!!!!!!)


In lieu of a traditional baby shower, my parents hosted a co-ed baby celebration. Karl and I are truly partners in this journey and it made more sense for us to incorporate the men in our lives who will help love and raise our baby girl and most of all support us through this journey as well. So guys and gals it was!


The night was PERFECT! Surrounded by all of our family and friends, loved ones flew in from around the country and drove in from all over to shower us and our baby girl with love. We feel so blessed and honored by the LOVE in that room. 



Friends for 15- 20+ years…




Two Mamas-to-be with Gals in the Oven! ;)

image1 (1)

Four generations of Female Power – including baby in belly!

IMG_4830 Cousins!




We wanted there to be a truly celebratory vibe so it was more cocktail party then buttoned up brunch. BIG BIG GI-NORMOUS THANKS to my mom and best friends for coming together to create the most special, personal and beautiful atmosphere filled with participate-at-your-leisure party activities like… 

Baby Date/Weight Betting + Advice for the New Parents (which was equal parts endearing and hilarious to read the next day!)



image1 (2)

A Newborn Essentials Craft Station – we loooved sifting through these DIY creations the next day and seeing everyone’s creativity come alive and what will surely keep us entertained during late nights ahead!


 Look how cute! 


 And my most favorite, a Polaroid Scrapbook for Baby to know all the people who love her already! Guests took pictures and posted them in a book with a message to baby. Every single page is loved on and shows the fun memories of the night! 


We adored pouring through the Photo Scrap Book the next day to see all the sweet notes from our loved ones and can’t wait to share it with the baby love one day!!





IMG_4858 IMG_4859

Best of all, the delicious Spiked Hot Chocolate Bar to go with our theme and the most beautiful Pretty-in-Pink Dessert Bar I’ve ever seen! 




IMG_0071 IMG_0072


Complete with a gorgeous cake made by my incredibly talented cousin Missy – not only was this the prettiest cake I’ve ever seen but it was also insanely delicious (thannnnk you cuz!)!! 



We chose to forego opening gifts at the party so that we could spend the most time possible with our guests and it really was such a magical evening.  




Guests brought books in lieu of cards to stock baby girl’s library and I can’t tell you how special this detail turned out to be! To imagine reading to our little girl, her coming up with favorites and getting to read the personalized notes inside each one from everyone we love – TRULY PRICELESS.

Magic moments we can’t wait to create! 

 Extra(Thank you to Etsy Shop: Roseberry Prints for our invite inserts) 

And last but not least a special ENGAGEMENT corner with the sweetest childhood facts about both Karl + I and adorable baby photos to bring everything full circle!

My mom thought of EV-ER-Y-THING!


Our hearts exploded with gratitude looking around that room and seeing all of the incredible people who will make their mark on our daughter’s life and support us through the inevitable trials and trails of the journey we are able to embark on. 


Thank you to everyone who was there, who sent gifts and cards and love and thoughts and who has provided a shoulder to cry on (even tears of joy), laugh with, love on and a strong embrace throughout this pregnancy journey and as we prepare for parenthood. We can’t believe there are only a few weeks to go and we couldn’t feel more supported or loved! 

34+ Weeks + FULL of Gratitude! 


One more super special and BIG shoutout to my talented and amazing mom for her vision and execution of the perfection baby celebration party a gal (and guy) could ask for! Every detail was filled with love and thought and it added to the feeling in the room to make it one of the most special nights we could ask for.

I’m sure we’ll learn soon that kids don’t thank their parents enough, so THANK YOU Mom + Dad (Grammie + Popou) for hosting the most special BABY CELEBRATION of all time…we (THREE) love you to the MOON and BACK! 


Only 5+ weeks to go with this pregnancy, my friends, will do my best to give another update before this little peanut makes her arrival. Thanks for following along! xo



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