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7 Money Saving Apps for Clean Eating on a Budget

February 19th, 2016 | 1 comment

If you like saving money…keep reading.

A few months ago I posted a blog Top 10 Tips for eating Healthy on a Budget where I laid out some of my best kept secrets for saving money while eating well. It was one of my most popular blogs and that’s probably because, who doesn’t love to save money? 

As a health coach I often hear clients complaining that it is so expensive to eat healthy and keep up with a healthy lifestyle. I don’t agree! With a shift in mentality and some planning ahead, eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank. 

I’ve learned a few things since I wrote my last money-saving post, so I wanted to expand on those tips. My goal is to reverse the mentality that you have to spend your “whole paycheck” on healthy food and instead show you how I SAVE money while shopping when, where and for what I want at my favorite stores. 

Here is a 2.0 version of my earlier post and I’m going to share some of my favorite Mobile Apps that help me save money, eat well and not break the bank. Want $35 in FREE MONEY instantly?? Keep reading, this post contains all of that and more…


Whole Foods App

WF recently came out with an app and there is a section for SALES & COUPONS. Once you create an account you can browse sale items before you go, to plan ahead (which is always a tip of mine!) and then when you get to checkout you scan the coupon barcode and it will apply ALL coupons applicable that are in your cart at checkout at the store. HOW COOL IS THAT? No clipping coupons and you may even snag up deals you didn’t know you were eligible for. This is awesome. In my earlier post, I suggested clipping and printing coupons from which you can certainly do, but make sure you don’t forget them at home or miss any $ back with this new app


Ibotta App

This has got to be a new favorite app of mine. Ibotta is a cash back rebate app always you to plan your shopping before you go by store and category, “unlock rebates” and then collect money back that you can withdraw for cash or gift cards to Amazon, Sephora, Starbucks and more. Just make sure to save your receipt and scan it into the app right away so you don’t miss any deals. Ibotta uses your location to tell you which stores are applicable. By me in Brooklyn, I use this app at Whole Foods, Target, CVS, Rite Aid and Stop & Shop to name a few. The app also partners with stores like Walmart, Walgreens, Albertsons, Wegmans, ShopRite, Safeway, KMart, The Food Emporium BJ’s, Sam’s Club, Costco and many more, even gas stations and retail stores and auto mechanics! If any of these are in your  daily shopping circuit, I recommend this app. Get it HERE for a $10 instant rebate for signing up as a CYGL blog reader. 



You’ve heard me mention Vitacost probably 1,000 times on this blog over the years. I seriously love this site and I’ve been ordering from it for a long time. Now, with the mobile app, life just got way easier. This is a bulk health food site where I order most of the specialty items in my pantry at a lower cost such as organic oils (coconut, sesame, olive), organic vinegars, gluten-free flours like coconut and almond, specialty baking items, organic grade B maple syrup, Bragg’s liquid amino, apple cider vinegar, matcha green tea, seeds, nuts, legumes and more. They ALWAYS have lower than retail prices, 2-for-1 specials and more. With the App you can see all of the current PROMO codes and apply them to your cart. Plus they offer free shipping over $49. AND, just for beign a CYGL reader, if you sign-up for Vitacost HERE you get $10 OFF your first order of $30 so you can try it out. The App can be found in the App Store on your mobile phone. 



BerryCart is similar to Ibotta where you can redeem cash back rebates on items you purchase. I like this app because it focuses on specialty items that you’d find at Whole Foods (which is where I shop the most in addition to Vitacost, Fairway and Trader Joe’s). I am always finding deals on organic items like tofu, hummus, probiotic beverages, nut butters, organic cereals, almond milk, coconut water and more. Start saving HERE! 



The InstaCart app is most of my most-loved and relies on your location and is a shopping and delivery service. I use this app religiously when I am coming back from a trip or even a long weekend and I might not have time to get to the store. You can create shopping lists and it saves your previous orders so you can always refer back to your staples easily. Once you narrow down you location and the store (I use this for Whole Foods but they also have it in Fairway, Costco, Key Food and even Petco in my area), you can checkout the DEALS and SALES sections on the app to see the current specials and promos at the store at that time and add them to your cart. Get $10 OFF your first order now, JUST because I love yah! Sign-up HERE



High quality whole foods bars can be expensive when you buy them individually. When I’m not seeing any sales at my local food store (when on sale, I ask the store if they’ll honor a “case discount” at 10% OFF, Whole Foods always does), I like to shop around. I always check Vitacost and also Amazon. Not many people know that you can find food on Amazon but it’s more than just household items and gadgets. I shop for GoMarco bars and KIND Bars and organic Nut Butters from this App and with a Prime membership, you always get 2-day free shipping. This one is great for your corporate gals who are always looking for healthy snacks at your desk, just get them shipping right to work. Sign into to the Mobile App for the first time through this link and get an INSTANTS $5 credit added to your cart my friend! 


This one isn’t so health food-y but I thought I’d share because I love saving money at CVS using my loyalty card. The first thing you do when you walk into a CVS should be to go straight to the printable coupons center. CVS tracks your spending habits and gives you coupons that are similar to your spending habits. Now, with their new app you always have the coupons and reward bucks on hand (eliminating paper mail waste and losing any coupons). Find the App in your mobile phone’s app center. 

That’s a wrap!

I hope you enjoyed my healthy food money-saving APP edition blog posts. If there are any apps that you love for saving money or healthy food on a budget, comment below and share them with me I’d love to check them out! Eating healthy does not have to break the bank, it takes a little bit of planning, thought and finesse but with the help of money-saving apps and access to promos, deals and savings, your clean eating lifestyle doesn’t have to break the bank. 

This was the 2nd post like this, if you like this post checkout  my other Top 10 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget



Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, however because I care so much about you and want to keep the integrity of this site, I only share products, services, apps and recommendations that I personally use and love myself.



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