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6 Ways to Transition Your Mind, Body and Soul into Fall!

October 20th, 2016 | no comments


I think I do this every Fall. The first signs of cool crisp air and colored leaves and I fall back in mad love with this beautiful season here in New York. Each season in the northeast has its own distinct characteristics, flavors and activities and I really love to embrace each one with open arms (and a willing appetite!). 


Today I thought I’d share my favorite ways to transition your lifestyle to Fall. I used to rush through the seasons and find myself asking where the time went. Now, I embrace each season by allowing myself to be present as the changes in weather naturally change my perspective, taste buds and life, and I find it a lot more fulfilling. 

Below are 6 simple ways to transition your mind, body and soul into Fall this year and allow you to make the most of the precious season! 


1 – Fall Flavors - some of my favorite fall flavors are pumpkin, cinnamon and chili spice. I always keep organic canned pumpkin on hand to add to oatmeal pancakes, make easy blender muffins, mix-in to soups and curries, smoothies and more. The hearty and rooting flavor is the perfect blanket for your palette this time of year. Next up is cinnamon, which help with circulation to keep you nice and warm. Cinnamon is warm and grounding and my favorite ways to use this spice are sprinkled over oatmeal or on top of a sliced apples, whole cinnamon stick in your tea and folded into homemade curries (perfection!). My other favorite flavor this time of year is chili powder. Fall just screams hearty, stick-to-your-gut and warm-you-from-the-inside kinda meals and for me that means lots of delicious Chili creations. 

Some of my favorite recipes: Clean Pumpkin Pie Granola and Cinnamon Apple Chips


2 – Dark Nail Polish  – This one seems a bit silly but keeping my nails painted and manicured has been a long-time self care practice that I cherish. I look at my hands all day long and when my nails are done I feel a little more of a pep in my step. Changing the color of my nails to fit my mood is a fun little ritual where I get to match my internal mood to something on the outside. A dark fresh mani really screams FALL IS HERE to me, after all those light and bright colors I wear all summer. Some of my favorites are by Essie (Sole Mate, Wicked and Groovy Grape) and OPI (Lincoln Park After Dark and You Don’t Know Jacques). 


3 – More Luxurious Self-Care Practices – This is the time of year when it starts to get darker earlier and my body is craving more rest and relaxation from those super active months we’re coming off of (especially now at 5.5 months pregnant!). I love to incorporate luxurious self-care practices 2-3 times a week like a warm Epsom salt bath, face and eye masks, coconut oil or avocado hair mask, lavender and eucalyptus in my oil diffuser, cozying up with a new good book (right now I am reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert), journaling and getting in bed extra early. These little moments that I create within my day and throughout the week help me feel rested and rejuvenated especially during the time of year when my body wants to slow down a bit. I also like to keep fresh flowers and candles in warm scents like pumpkin spice and cinnamon apple in the house!

Some of my favorite posts with Self-Care ideas: This one about How to Love Yourself to Combat Self-Doubt and 



4 – Declutter Closets – This is an activity I recommend doing at the start of each season. If you get in the habit of doing this 2-3 times a year it becomes less burdensome then doing it once every 5 years and getting completely swallowed. Each season I take everything out of my closet, make piles for donation, hand-me-downs to sister and friends, some for resale in my Poshmark closet and a toss pile for anything that is falling apart (usually old shoes). It is so refreshing to color coordinate, donate clothes that no longer fit my lifestyle or personality and make space. Holding onto things you don’t need creates emotional weight that does not serve us. I promise that if you get into this habit every few months this will not take more than an hour or two one afternoon!  


 5 – Continue to Spend Time Outside – Your instincts might tell you to staying inside but being outside during autumn has got to be one of the more beautiful experiences ever. With the crisp cool clean air and the changing colors of the leaves to those beautiful yellows, oranges and reds, spending time in nature in the Fall is an invigorating experience. Every year we spend a weekend in the Catskills, NY to hike, cozy up to a fire and enjoy the cool fall days away from the city. It is one of my favorite traditions. I love to jog outside during this time of year too as the cooler weather makes for an enjoyable jog and there is so much to observe just looking at all of the various leaves changing at my local park here in Brooklyn.

And checkout my post for How to Naturally Combat Seasonal Allergies 


 6 – Eat Seasonally – I love to visit my local farmer’s market this time of year to switch up to goodies that will stock my fridge with local, seasonal favorites. This time of year I gravitate towards butternut squash, delicate squash, acorn squash…okay, really any kind of squash!! I love to see the selection of apples and greens change over too. Ask your farmer what were the best crops that week and how to prepare them if you’re unsure, they have great advice! Eating seasonally allows you to give your body exactly what it needs during each time of year. Turning to warming root vegetables, hearty squash and pears and apples are what you’re body will want to keep you warm and full during these cooler months. 

Right now I am LOVING this vegan, gluten-free Butternut Squash and Lentil Chili recipe

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What are some of your favorite ways to transition your mind, body and soul into Fall??



DeAnna Lynn Englezos is a Brooklyn-based Certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach. Her core mission is to share accessible information on health and happiness that actually works and healthy recipes that taste great. DeAnna is the proud owner of an adorable rescue pup named Harlow and posts pictures of her often.
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