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5 Ways to Avoid Seasonal FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

September 13th, 2015 | 2 comments

The more present I am in my life, the more calm I feel about change. I’ll give you an example.

I used to completely bug out come September, saying “where did the summer go???” and “nooo, I’m not ready for fall!” or “insert frazzled comment about summer ending here.” I would really freak out feeling like the season went by too fast and it would lead me to feelings of frustration, unhappiness and even a bit of depression that I missed out on the activities I so enjoy.

By letting the season pass without truly enjoying it, I felt like my life was happening to me and I was not in the driver’s seat. Since each season has its own weather, style, flavors and feelings there is always an opportunity to embrace or miss out.

In the summer I absolutely love long beach days, nights that end with frozen yogurt and BBQs with good company. However, I end up sacrificing all of that when I’m over-scheduled, moving too fast or just plain distracted.

Froyo dates are my favorite!

A shift in my perception on presence has had a huge impact on how much I am able to enjoy life and enrich my personal relationships.

I value being an active participant in my life and the feelings of fulfillment and joy have become my metrics for success.

Since juggling priorities, commitments and relationships is a reality for most of us, I’ve put together the tips that help me experience more joy, less overwhelm and make the most out of each season. Now I no longer dread the changing of the season as much as I look forward to it. I hope these tips inspire you to make the most of the moments and experience more day-to-day joy.

 Summer markets filled with fruit!


1. Just say “no.”, period.

I definitely learned this one the hard way by saying “yes” to every invitation that would hit my inbox. At the end of the season I was completely exhausted, overspent and downright depleted.  I did everything and was everywhere for other people and I did not feel present, calm and happy. Now, I embrace the power of saying “no.” and being extremely choosey about the way I spend my time. If I decide to “say no” I’ll send a thoughtful card or gift in my absence and make time to connect or celebrate in my own way. I am not better for being at the event if I am not present, calm or well. I’m always a better friend and supported when I am feeling well supported and sometimes that means saying “no” to some things and “yes” to myself.

 11 mile bike ride on Block Island, RI – our first time to BI!

2. Make a seasonal bucket list.

At the beginning of each season I’ll get very intentional about what I want to create in the upcoming months. I write down feelings, favorite activities to do, flavors I want to experience and places I’d like to go. When the fall arrives I’m ready for apple cider, pumpkin everything and flannel shirts because I’ve been prancing around in a swim suit at the beach eating ice cream all summer.

Warm nights in Brooklyn:


 3. Embrace simplicity.

I used to believe there was an award for being the busiest person in the room. Not anymore. Now I value simplicity and space in my life and schedule. When my life is overcomplicated, I often miss out on the simple things like watching the sunset, warm nights, writing for pleasure and even quality time with my significant other. Now I strive for moments when I can do one activity at a time and savor the simplicity of it instead of being a completely distracted trying to get everything done at once. When I single-task I enjoy the moment much more, feel calm and at ease.

Sun setting over the gorgeous Colorado mountains:

 Sunset over the Colorado mountains

4. Schedule in technology-free time.

This one can be especially difficult for those of you who love to chronicle your life on social media or stay connected to email at all times. Usually when I am feeling out of touch with myself its usually because I’ve been in-touch to the internet too much. I like to keep my phone on silent on the weekends or when out to dinner with a loved one to minimize distractions. Being technology-free for even an entire evening with your spouse will greatly increase your ability to be present and enjoy the moments, try it!

Ricketts Glen, PA – 97′ waterfall hike

 Ricketts Glen, PA -  97' waterfall hike


5. Ruthlessly prioritize.

Saying yes to a long brunch with a good friend that you haven’t seen in a while might mean saying no to writing that extra blog post or getting to the gym that day. Life is all about balance. While I’m not saying to throw your health out of the window, what I am saying is to opt-in to people or activities that feed your soul. If there is the “I should do this” feeling versus the “I want to do this” feeling then your head and heart may be out of alignment. Strive for activities that make your feel present and energized.

The next time you’re feeling like a season went by with the blink of an eye and you may have missed out, employ one of these tips to feel more present and make the most of the moments in your life.



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