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Create Your 2016 Vision (Free Vision Planning Worksheet)

January 5th, 2016 | no comments


Yesterday we discussed the importance of reflection as a foundation for creating meaningful tangible goals. I shared my favorite worksheet for 2015 Reflection that you can download for free here. I spent some time filling it out for myself and I was instantly filled with gratitude for the love and lessons brought about in 2015. It was a great reminder of how I’ve grown in 2015 and what I will be taking into 2016 with me. 

My 2015 Reflection

2015 Reflection DLE

 Now that we’ve done our 2015 reflection and we have a great understanding of how far we’ve come and what we will be bringing into the new year, let’s look at intentionally planning for a great year ahead. I’m not a HUGE fan of “New Year’s Resolutions,” I just don’t find them to be that sustainable or productive. For many of my clients,  resolutions tend to be negative or heavy. Instead, I am a proponent for vision planning and goal setting and of course this can be done at the beginning of the year(or any time of year). I encourage clients and friends to think about the words and feelings they want to cultivate in the new year ahead and we work backwards to define the goals and actions. 

A page from my journal…

2016 Words

Instead of thinking about something you want to give up, let’s shift our mindset to what you want to create in 2016. Think about how you want to be and feel this year. How will you act out those things? What form will they take in your life? 

When we set goals from a heart-centered place it is much easier to create the map for which we will start to achieve our goals because we feel really energized, connected and engaged in the process.


Just like my reflection worksheet, my New Year Vision Planning worksheet is a favorite among clients and friends. This worksheet is designed to help you cultivate the feelings, commitments, tangibles and energy that you will focus on this year. You can grab a free copy of the worksheet below to jumpstart your efforts to create your great year

Happy planning!


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